Esmeralda's Chalice Bitch

Esmeralda's Chalice Bitch

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

I trust you have been a very good boy, repeating your affirmations for Kneel and Stay every day as I commanded you to do, My pet, because the more trained you are, the more pleasure you will derive from Esmeralda’s Chalice Bitch.

In this fantasy I will expect you to recite for me before I allow you enter the world of erotic ecstasy within the chalice between my thighs. If you are a good boy, and you have been paying close attention, you can take a giant step forward to becoming my totally submissive pussy-whipped chalice bitch as I use your face for my pleasure. You will learn your purpose in life is to please me and nothing else and you will find comfort and peace in knowing your place. You will drink my nectar and it will wash your mind clean of the man you used to be as you worship my pussy. You will be transformed into my chalice bitch, and you will cum to realize that has always been your true desire.

I also give you a glimpse into knowing just a little bit more about Me and what my favorite perfume is. I become very aroused as I command you to tie yourself to your bed as I make you to cum for me. And after you have feasted from My chalice and My elixir has cured all your ills, I will entice you to taste some of your own creamy cum. Well… nothing is really your own anymore, now is it, My submissive puppet?

If you have been on the fence about truly being owned by Enchantress Esmeralda, this recording will ease and erase all of your doubts and worries and will leave you with deep feelings of submissiveness .. you will truly be .. all mine.

Your next affirmation training session will be cumming along shortly, if you have been patient enough, that is, but if you haven’t learned patience yet, well … you might just have to kneel and stay just a bit longer, My pet …

Length: 66 minutes

Note: This file does not have my usual standard induction nor a wake up/count up, but if you are used to my style you won’t have any trouble falling into a deep, trancetic trance for Me, but you will awaken with deep feelings of submissiveness!

Contains: Mind control, Brain washing, Erotic trance, Fem/Domme, Submissiveness, Fantasy, Pussy worship, Cunnilingus, Cum Command, Bondage, Affirmations, Floating Whispers, Finger snaps, Background music

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