Esmeralda's Forever Bitch

Esmeralda's Forever Bitch

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

If you loved Esmeralda’s Bitch, you are really going to enjoy Esmeralda’s Forever Bitch! This fantasy is a continuation of Hooked By Esmeralda, Esmeralda’s Bitch, Your Dirty Little Secret, and now, Esmeralda’s Forever Bitch!

In this extended fantasy recording, Enchantress Esmeralda hunts down her Bitch in the unlikeliest of places, publicly humiliates and feminizes,  terrorizes, brainwashes and then ultimately uses him for her own perverse pleasures, but hey, it’s all in fun when laced with Enchantress Esmeralda style humor and wit! If you enjoy muscle worship, being dominated by a powerful woman, humiliated, and then being used, then this recording is just for you! Step into my trancetic web of seduction, you will be trancetized, and you will love it!

You are … now .. my ** Forever Bitch, which means, you will be forever Bound To Me Now. To be my ** Forever Bitch, means that your life now belongs to me. You are mine to do whatever I choose. You no longer have a choice in anything. I will feed you, I will dress you, I will tell you what to think, I will tell you what to do, I will tell you what to feel, and I will use you for my perverse pleasure, whenever and however I choose and you are powerless, you are thought less .. and you will love it. You are .. my captivated lover!

Length: 92 minutes

Contains: Fantasy, Erotic, Humiliation, Feminization, Muscle Worship, Cum suggestions, trancetic Trigger, Fingersnaps, Background music, Whispers


Slothrop says:  You warned me a while back the gloves were coming off and have they ever. In Esmeralda's Forever Bitch, all the paths of your past files that lead to humiliation have now converged into one big Humiliopolis. My mind kept saying to run and hide but my cock said “you know you love it.” 

The scariest part is that what I thought was the final humiliation is just the first step in a whole new world of total domination and humiliation. No one escapes you, Esmeralda and no one wants to. Ths is your most cock-hardening and mind-fucking recording ever.

If you have seen Esmerald's stylish new website and are curious about her new products, there are clues about cuming atttractions in this file. Very intriguing.
good music and sound effects
whispers are especially wicked

OdysseusBound says:  Each time you put me under I go a little deeper. This time you have pushed me off into the deep end of my darkest desires and most dreaded l fears. Forever Bitch is a real masterpiece of emasculation and humiliation . It is an invitation to confront my most forbidden sexual urges long kept simmering in a secret place of my mind. And of course your commanding seductive voice has now brought to them full boil. My will is burned to ashes but my cock is burning red-hot. 
I really hate the part where you say you will be away. Couldn’t you at least leave a pair of your fragrant panties for me to worship? Anyway, Enchantress, thank you for your most brilliant recording.

nice soft music belies hard cruel tone of story
the usual killer whispers with some new vocal effects
very underpriced

Dominated13 says:  This recording combines several of my most erotic fantasies with terror, humiliation and extreme submission. This was an incredible journey which was more powerful than I could possibly imagine. 

Thank you Enchantress for this masterpiece!
Love the length of this recording and the powerful whispers helped take me to depths I didn't think possible. The layers to this file are very deep.

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This the best fantasy femdom file I have ever heard! Consider me transformed