Esmeralda's HYPNO-ASS

Esmeralda's HYPNO-ASS

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

How long has it been .. Days? Weeks? Months? .. since you have been kneeling there, blindfolded, waiting obediently for your turn, you wonder. Suddenly, you hear a sound. Footsteps. Yes, certainly, footsteps, her boots, coming closer to you, from behind. You notice your cock begin to twitch in anticipation, and in time, with the gait of those heels, as if, it has been trained to respond this way. The footsteps finally stop, and you can feel, Her presence, and then, the long awaited whisper, informing you, today is the day, you will be used for her perverse pleasure, and her pleasure today, is one of your favorite fetishes, AssWorship! She reaches down, and deftly snaps your leash onto your collar. What happens next, you wonder? Listen and find out!

The sound of my heels are hypnotic, dropping you deeper down, into my lovely trance for me now. With each breath you take you are falling deeper down, under my hypnotic control. Every finger snap drops you deeper down, into your perfect level of hypnotic trance. You love to watch the swaying of my HypnoAss, don’t you? The swaying of My ass is hypnotic. You want me to use you for my perverse pleasure, don’t you? You better lick me good! You are my submissive slave, and I use you, for my perverse pleasures. All you need to think about is how you will pleasure and serve, your Enchantress.

I have layered multiple voice tracks, along with additional sound effects: Heels walking, pipe banging, drumming, finger snaps for a full mind fuck session!

Contains: Mind Control, Hypnotic deepener suggestion, Finger snaps, Multi-layered voice, Cunnilingus, Hands Free Orgasm, Cum Eating, Anal licking, Humiliation, Background Music Does not contain count up.

Length: 53 minutes

TESTIMONIAL:  I am overwhelmed. When It got to the part about worshiping Your ass, I just lost it. It just feels so personal like You know exactly how to totally control me and I love it. I welcome the humiliation and relish my position under You. I could see You doing a victory dance and laughing at my helpless slavishness and I am just lapping it up and loving it.  I feel right now like my real place is to serve You. I am totally whipped. But I still want to physically experience  the taste of submission, the smell of humiliation, to really feel the pain of Your whip and Your dominant heels

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Listening to this means submitting again to one of Her total humiliating victories over me...the power of Her provoking and perverse suggestions..does really happen what I hope, what I fear, what thrills me as fantasy?..I believe it is and thus it is..Thank You Enchantress, You know I am Yours