Esmeralda's Secret Weapon

Esmeralda's Secret Weapon

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

You want more of My control, don’t you? You want me to put you to sleep and make you feel very, very good, don’t you? You have been asking for more. You have been begging for more, of My control. My voice, is a Secret Weapon. My voice arouses you. My voice is a secret weapon that I use upon your weak willed mind. You cannot resist My voice. My voice weakens you. You love how My voice melts you. You are melting, and I am controlling your mind.

This file will weaken and dissolve the last of your resolves. You will be Mine. Come, My pet, let me erase your mind and dissolve the last of your will, as I clear your blank slate mind, for My ultimate control and pleasure. Your mind is a blank slate, where I condition, brain wash, and reprogram your very, blank slate mind and you are so sleepy, you simply cannot resist, Enchantress Esmeralda. Good boy!

Contains:  Background music and binaural beats, whispers, fingersnaps, triggers, mind control


Aaron S says:  When thinking of the word "weapon" one tends to think of some sort of physical object. However, words can be just as powerful as any physical object. Enchantress Esmeralda exhibits this beautifully in her new recording "Secret Weapon". Slipping into your subconscious, Esmeralda penetrates your mind's defenses, making you powerless before her. Deep control, arousal, and submission are the result of Esmeralda's assault upon your mind, bringing the listener pleasure and deep relaxation. Secret Weapon by Enchantress Esmeralda truly proves that the voice is mightier than the sword. 


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This file puts me completely out. I have listened several times and I can't stay conscious until the end, Then I wake up feeling good. How do You do that Esmeralda?