Esmeraldas Confession Regression

Esmeraldas Confession Regression

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

Have you ever wondered where your submissiveness originated? In Esmeralda's Confession Regression, I regress you back to that defining moment. . The more thoughtless you become, the more controlling I become, over your mind, over your body, over your arousal and your rock hard cock.  This is also the perfect intro file to begin your journey with Enchantress Esmeralda.

My approach with this particular recording, Esmeralda’s Confession Regression, is very formulaic in that I used a standard induction/deepener, and base (non-erotic) script, but then I steam things up a bit at the end with some Esmeraldaisms! The intent of this recording is to give you a nice, basic, deep induction/deepener, and then I regress you not once, but 3 times, each time, giving you more confidence and experience so that the next one you begin to trust your own instincts, abilities, (and Me), in order to go deeper for the 3rd regression. I use metaphors in that a ‘house’ represents your conscious/subconscious mind (basement), and then I tie it all up with an amnesia suggestion. The more you listen to Esmeralda’s Confession Regression, the easier it will become for you to access your memories, and you just may learn some things about yourself that may surprise you. 

LENGTH: 37 minutes

CONTAINS: Progressive Relaxation Induction, Deepener, Regression work, Amnesia suggestion, light dominance, Multi-layered track with Binaural, Breath work, Double spoken/whisper tracks, and Background music.

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Nice change of pace , Enchantress. I really can find some hidden memories in this unique file