Esmeraldas SUMMONED Bitch

Esmeraldas SUMMONED Bitch

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Over the years, I have come to you in many forms. I have been the siren of the sea, who sings her song of silent seduction. I have been the understanding trancetherapist, who prescribes the perfect remedy for your cure. I have been the domineering dominatrix who expertly whips you into shape with the sharp end of my wickedly humiliating words. I have been the matronly mother figure, who wipes your tears and spanks your bare bottom, knowing that everything that Mistress Mommy does to you, is ultimately for your own good. I have been the sultry seductress who whispers sweetly into your submissive ear, dropping you deeper than you have ever gone before. I have come to you in your dreams and your waking nightmares, as the stately Amazonian Goddess who knows just how to lift you up to new heights of arousal and then drop you to your knees in forehead to the floor worship. I have been the weaver of tales to entertain and arouse you, while I expertly take over your mind. 

Regardless of what form I come to you as, the one constant, however, is not so much my ability and willingness to humiliate and arouse you, but to consistently put you into a deep trancetic trance state, over and over again, as I push you beyond your barriers of limitations, and I stretch your boundaries of submissiveness like a rubber band, each time, pushing you further than you were before. 

It has been some time since Enchantress Esmeralda has swooped into your life and played with her favorite toy, and you never know when it will happen next. In this fantasy, you awaken on a lazy Sunday afternoon to an unexpected surprise .. her little bitch has been summoned. Now that Esmeralda has you fully trained and at her beck and call, playtime has gotten hotter! To her, you are just a slut puppet on a string, trained and just waiting to be used for her perverse pleasure. There is a fine line between fantasy and reality, where the edges blur together, making anything .. possible. 

This very trancetic file contains My Counting Clouds induction and count up at the end. 

Length: 50 Minutes 

Contains: Mind Control, Feminization, Light Humiliation, Light Bondage, Anal plug play, JOI, 3 voice tracks, Full Induction with deepeners, count up at end, finger snap cum command, breath sounds, background music


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