Esmeraldas Wicked Humiliations loop

Esmeraldas Wicked Humiliations loop

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

I had some fun with My subs and slaves, by creating personalized humiliation loops for them. With Esmeralda’s Wicked Humiliations Loop, I have seamlessly combined all of these humiliations (minus personal identifiers) to create a full 52 minute continuous loop of verbal taunts, humiliations, and mind control ..  a potpourri of perversions

The loop begins softly and innocently with a story induction and is layered with a voice induction, deepeners, more humiliations, taunting and laughing, and whispers for an intense humiliation experience, which steadily increases in intensity, for a full Mind Fuck experience. I’m sure many of these humiliations will resonate with your own unique perversions, plus, you may just discover a few new ones along the way!

This is the perfect loop for bedtime, because you do not have to consciously follow along, and I am sure you will awaken feeling very submissively slutty, with memories of hot erotic dreams! Oh, before you begin, be sure to slip on a pair of silky, sexy panties for full humiliation experience.

Length: 52 Minutes

Contains: Verbal humiliations and taunting, light feminization, ass worship, mind control, background music, layered voice tracks with whispers


progressively wrapping your soul into blissful, mindless, more and more extreme submission... with you agreeing all the while and even eager to get deeper, more and more in love with Goddess, adoring Her Superiority, worshipping Her Perfection, craving Her Control, bathing happily in Her Humiliating Words as they make tangible your servitude to Her, your Better and Owner... for real, this is one potent, great Mistress-piece here... and all to our great pleasure!! thank You Divine Enchantress, You are the best and we are so lucky to receive Your Commands and obey them!

 I am just ripe for total immersion in Your beautiful trancetic voice. I love being totally in Your power. I really do!

I am helplessly aroused and trancetized by your seductive, erotic voice. I cannot look you in the eye as I submit myself to you. I am your little slave, and I do not resist being locked up and put under chastity.

 I hope You have as much fun humiliating me as I do being humiliated by You.

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Enchantress, you have transformed me from a skeptical man into Your feminized whore. I am a squirming little bitch in constant heat for the mind fuck of Your voice. Thank you for one of Your hottest files.

Daniel Z

This recording makes me feel incredibly good.

Daniel Z