The trancetherapist - EXTREME MEASURES

The trancetherapist - EXTREME MEASURES

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

The naughty/bad/wicked trancetherapist .. it's all been done before, right? I, personally, cannot say yes or no for sure .. but .. I thought I would put in my own twist to everyone's favorite bedtime story! First and foremost, I am a Certified trancetherapist, so you are always going to get something therapeutic from me, I just can't seem to help myself .. but .. add to that mix a sensual, strong Dominant woman where control just comes natural with a wicked imagination .. and we are bound to discover exactly how far we can go together, little by little .. This recording differs a bit from my previous works in that it is a 'stand-alone', no need to listen to previous recordings to obtain full benefit and pleasure, plus .. absolutely .. NO feminization! ... but of course, LOTS of control! Oh, and for those who love breasts .. a nice relaxation induction as you rest your weary head on pillowy softness .. along with pussy worship .. so .. just Relax Bitch, and enjoy!

Aaron S. says: "... very sexy file! ... made me very hard ... your words managed to find a good home in my subconscious."

Contains : Fem/Domme, Mind Control, Cunnilingus, Whispers, Background Music, FingerSnaps

Length : 57 minutes

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Customer Reviews


Wow, where did the hour go? Memories of this file are sketchy but woke feeling good, then went to sleep with thoughts of Esmeralda's breasts taking me to dreamland. Very arousing file and loved the words in the background i couldn't quite hear. Thank You Enchantress!


Being cured, being healed just by listening to Her voice and drinking Her medicin while concentrating on my problems, well, because so many of her predictions have become part of my reality, why doubt this one..I just follow Her advice and Yes..she pulls me further into Her control