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Feminisation: release your feminine self.

Feminisation: release your feminine self.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

It’s time…time to release your inner feminine self….. your sexy feminine self.

Time to stop denying and suppressing your true inner self…. feminine and sexy, My femme girl. Time to begin your journey …Surrender to My slow seductive, enticing hypnotic spell….into my Voice…into My control. I take you into the room of transformation and change…deep within your subconscious mind…and there, I bespell you with My silken…sexy Kiwi accent…. and set your inner feminine self free…. free to be the feminine girl that you are…deep within.

This recording is the essential basis for the more Advanced Level Feminisation and Sissy recordings. I strongly recommend you listen to My brainwashing file first- Morning Mantra of Blankness. This recording is based on My experience as a Therapist, working alongside tg, femme, cd, tv, sissy and all who identify as femme. The recording continues My programme of feminisation and sissification using INTENSIVE conditioning and programming to release your inner feminine self.

 Extensive conditioning to embed My words and My hypnosis..... to programme your body and mind to fall under My control.


Long Induction, Countdown 10 to 1, Visualisation, feminisation conditioning, feminisation addiction,  repetition hypnosis, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Subliminals, Theta Brain Wave Music. No awakener.

Length 45 mins 30

Copyright : Lady Surrender

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  • Author: joanne
    Review from subject "c" ( now called "joanne" after the feminisation journey begun earlier in the year) : "
    Lady Surrender, Your newest recording is so very effective, exactly what it seems I needed. Thank you. I can really feel myself opening up. So perfect. So natural. I cannot thank you enough. The moment I hear your voice, I feel myself rushing to surrender to you. I love what is happening. Your Joanne"
    (see joanne's/ c's 1st journal here http://www.hypnosurrender.com/erotic-hypnosis-feminisation-using-mp3s-journal-1/)