Feminizer Part 1 - Bimbo Body

Feminizer Part 1 - Bimbo Body

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella


Click HERE for Part 2: Bimbo Mind

Have you ever wanted to truly become a woman?
to be transformed into a voluptuous bimbo?...

Then follow me into the secret room of my massage parlor. Lie down inside
the Feminizer... and watch helplessly as I modify your body. Remember...
Once I lock you in, there’s no turning back.

This 49 minute file is an intense bimbo-
transformation fantasy. 
It can be enjoyed by
both sissies and submissive males.

You enter my massage parlor, looking for a nice relaxation session. But little
do you know... I have other plans for you. More devious plans. Follow me...

I place you inside a special “relaxation bed”, and lull you into a deep trance.
Once you fall under my spell... unable to move or even speak... the real fun
begins. You see, this isn’t a simple relaxation bed. It’s the Feminizer....
...and it just so happens that I have a penchant for turning unsuspecting
customers into fully-feminized bimbo fuckdolls.

Listen helplessly as your body is shaped. Molded. Transformed.
Your physique morphs into a very feminine shape. Legs, arms, ass, even
your skin... everything about your body begins changing.

I give you enormous bimbo breasts. Boobs that jiggle when you walk...
Titties to entice and seduce strong masculine men. Huge breasts that you
used to only see on stacked blonde pornstars...

I remove your weak, pathetic excuse for a penis... and replace it with your
very own pussy. Feel pleasures like you’ve never imagined as you're given
the gift of a real woman's vagina. Complete with a fertile and perfectly formed
womb, ready for deep breeding.

Yes darling. I’m going to give you the ultimate bimbo body. And there’s
nothing you can do to stop me.

All of this awaits you inside... the Feminizer.

  • Bimbo transformation 
  • Forced Feminization
  • Deep relaxation
  • Body modification
  • Light humiliation
  • Submitting to a dominant woman
  • Temporary Immobility
  • Breast growth
  • Penis size reduction
  • Cool sound effects :)
49 Minutes

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          • femdom hypnosis
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