Feminizer Part 2 - Bimbo Mind

Feminizer Part 2 - Bimbo Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella


Click HERE for Part 1: Bimbo Body


It’s time to enter the Feminizer once again, slave. Listen helplessly as
I completely remold your
 mind, Making you the ultimate ditzy cock
starved blonde bimbo… 

This 49-minute file is a mind-bending bimbo
transformation fantasy. 

You entered my massage parlor and got a little more than you
planned for… I completely modified your body, turning you into a 
perfect bimbo. Now I’m taking your transformation to the next level.

Listen as I turn you into a brand new woman, from the way you walk,
talk, dress, and fuck. Under the control of my voice, your male life will 
slip away… one memory at a time. Your old self is replaced with a
giggly bimbo, caring only for clothes, makeup, and sex with strong men. 

Your sexuality is warped under my control. Your attraction to women… 
GONE forever. You’ll forever a best friend to women, eager to laugh
and cry with us. You admire our makeup and fashion, but never lust for
our bodies like real men do.

Your attraction to men however… I’m turning it up to the max. 
Everything you say, wear, or think will be for the purpose of male
attention. You’re going to be sealed as a flirty bimbo, hungry for cock
and cum from powerful men. 

Your empowered bimbo hormones will hold you captive, turning you into
desperate fuck slut. After I’m done with you, you’ll be begging to be
knocked up by a heavy-cumming alpha stud. 

You’re the perfect bimbo slut for men… Beautiful body, jiggly ass, and
bouncing tits with a slutty personality to match. 

Are you ready to seal your fate as a bimbo?

  • Bimbo brainwashing

  • Forced feminization

  • Deep relaxation

  • Female attraction removal

  • Male memory erasure 

  • Bimbo memory implantation

  • Temporary Immobility

  • Increased fertility

  • Sex with men

  • Sloppy cocksucking


49 Minutes

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