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Financial Domination 101

Financial Domination 101

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Miztress Sophie

Financial domination, the phrase turns you on doesnt it slave, admit it, especially when it involves being dominated and controlled by a sexy young blonde Domme like Me. But you're also scared of it, you think about what it might be like, whether you could handle it, you buy the clips but never fully submit, never follow your deepest desire, so that true thrill of submission remains a mystery to you. Well now Miztress is about to lay it all on the line for you.

This is a pov audio recording featuring delicious audio effects in which I first introduce you to the concept of financial manipulation, before giving you a taste of My domination, mentally, physically, and financially. Almost 17 minutes of Miztresss mind manipulation. I will seduce you into submission, My voice will break you down, and by the time I have finished you will be begging, pleading, craving for Me to dominate you. Sounds like fun? Buy this NOW!

Once you have listened to My recording You will feel compelled to tribute Me. Dont look back now My slave, You NEED to tribute me, you need to feel that rush of submission only I can give you. So click the TRIBUTE button at the top of My clipstore and send Me a tribute amount of your choice. The specific amount isn't important, but it should feel like a stretch.

You should feel like you are making a sacrifice to please Miztress Sophie. Enter the balance in your account, the amount that will bring your account to zero.

You have to obey My every word if you want to be able to cum.

You love me controlling your orgasms, they will never be the same again, if you even try to do it without my say-so, you'll know deep down that you can't truly enjoy it, and if you manage to cum without me telling you to, it will be completely unsatisfactory.

So, I know you're dying to bring tonights events to their sticky conclusion, so lets get the ball rolling, or ball stroking would be a better metaphor, so send Me a tribute bringing your account to zero

Now stroke your cock one last time. As you reach the edge of orgasm, and once you have sent Me MY MONEY only then are you allowed to cum!

You will feel great pleasure in obeying ME ...

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