Gay Boy trance

Gay Boy trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Hello gay boy, come closer now as I take you into an inward journey. A journey that will take your mind into a ride into a trance stage that can take your mind to depths of thinking you’ve never seen before. trance here allows your subconscious to use your imagination and you’re imagining him. That hot man you’ve envisioned secretly about before, imagine him, and look he’s now there with you. ...Relax as he slowley moves his hand to your chest and then slowly runs his smooth yet masculine fingers across your chest. Deeper and deeper with each gentle stroke...relax more and more as he slowly moves his hand down to your stomach. Relaxing, relaxing, deeper and deeper. Then you finally feel his hand move down into the waist line of your pants to remove them.I tell you what you want to hear now gay boy, yes you want to hear him touching you where you’re hard and he does. Feeling the tip of his dick tease your asshole, feeling lube being poured over it, fingers stretching it out, and then you get the pounding of your life, feeling him deep in you and filling you up. Yes you love cock and you may even find yourself begging him to release his hot cum deep inside of you. Will he comply? Will you blow? Hmmm.... This is a different type of recording - what I usually put in a lower volume set is now at the main volume set and the main “storyline” is now decreased in volume. I think this should be very effective to drill in your head exactly who you are - A GAY BOY, A VERY GAY BOY, YOU ARE A GAY BOY, YOU ARE GAY!

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