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Gay Hypnosis 5 Serve a gay Master

Gay Hypnosis 5 Serve a gay Master
erotic hypnosis

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

My cock sucking slut... I know your deepest darkest secrets. All you think about is hard cock.

From now on your life will be like this : submitting to cock, serving cock, sucking cock.

your place is on your knees serving your Master.

NO INDUCTION. Loop recording.
Use the Free induction file  :

This is only the beginning ... of a new series... and of your inevitable downwards slide into My compelling hypnosis.
No Escape. Resistance is futile.

Features : Hypnotic triggers to deepen your craving to be gay

    Intense brainwashing
    Erotic Whisper ASMR to fuck with your subconscious mind as I relentlessly prime     your mind with hypnosis trigger phrases
    Cock obsession & Oral servitude
    Gay fucking & Cock rewiring
    My usual deliciously amusing overtones in My voice as I manipulate your desires     for My pleasure.
    Loop it through the night & fall prey to intense gay hypnosis brainwashing.

I have extensive experience turning subjects from straight to... bottom bitches. Including turning straight Doms to gay, & implanting false memories to believe they were always gay.

Back in 2013, I began a long-term brainwashing and memory manipulation of a subject that took place over approximately 14 months. The subject was a straight male Dom who asked to be hypnotised to serve a gay Master. The subject also asked to be hypnotised to believe he was always gay.  This would involve implanting memories so that the subject always believed he was gay.

 See the following links for journals written by hetero Doms who have been turned.... to be gay and to serve a gay Master.




The following link shows a series of messages describes a subject’s response to My powerful hypnosis. The subject first began listening to My recordings such as “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3…. and listened to My hetero recordings. Then he began to listen to My sissy hypnosis…. Now- he has become so Enticed into listening to My gay hypnosis.


Copyright : Lady Surrender 2016.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com 



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