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Gay Hypnosis

Hypnosis is powerful way to become immersed in headspace, release your inhibitions, and experience transformations.

Sometimes the subject becomes more submissive, with a strong desire to submit to your Master or Mistress. Other times he finds himself transformed into another person or an other gender. He might see hallucinations, find his body is completely immobilized, or being controlled to do something humiliating. Some enjoy being programmed, then experiencing their bodies responding to the post hypnotic triggers.

Our gay hypnosis files are a great way explore your fantasies. Each file contains different scenes, such as tickling, transformations, stripping, puppy play, forced bi, foced gay, humiliation, loss of control, being babyfied, and frozen. Our files are unique, and unusual, intriguing, and authentic.


Karneval der Leidenschaft
Ich lade dich ein zu einer unvergesslichen rauschenden Partynacht. Es herrscht Maskenpflicht, denn es ist Karneval. Das bedeutet du kannst dich deiner Leidenschaften voll und ganz hingeben, niemand wird dich erkennen!
Nach einer sehr entspannenden Einführung holt dich eine Limousine ab und bringt dich in mein Partydomizil. Hier erlebst du unfassbar Erregendes mit einer heißen Transe und einer verführerischen Frau im Latexkostüm. Du wirst mit Lippen und Zunge verwöhnt, wirst gefi**t und stößt deinen Schw**z in eine sehr einladende P***y. Es ist für dich unglaublich geil den Körper der Transensissy zu erkunden. Sie wurde selbstverständlich von mir persönlich abgerichtet, um dir höchstmöglichen Genuss zu bescheren. Und diese sexy Frau in Latex weiß ganz genau, was du und dein Schw*** wollen. Nachgiebig, feucht und heiß gibt sie sich dir hin und nimmt dich auf.
Auch ich, als Gastgeberin lasse es mir richtig gut gehen und dich dabei zusehen.
Der Clou aber ist, dass ich eigens für diesen Maskenball ein Spray entwickelt habe, das den ganzen Saal zur Lustexplosion bringen wird. Alle Anwesenden werden einen gemeinsamen Höhepunkt erleben, der dich in jeder Faser deines Körprs erschauern lassen wird. Diese erotische Hypnose bietet dir einen bisexuellen Dreier, den du immer wieder auskosten wollen wirst.

48 Minuten
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Sissy Sauna 2

Welcome back to the sauna, sissy slave.
The hung muscular men have been waiting for you, cocks throbbing
and balls swollen with cum. They remember the feeling of your hungry, 

wet mouth and this time they’re ready for more than just blowjobs.
Twice as hot, twice as slutty... 
steamier than ever.

54 Minutes

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Cotton Candy Kisses Feminization Sissy Hypnosis
loating, so dreamy, creating a new reality as the pretty, pink, soft cotton candy kisses your body, spinning around
and around and around. Transforming you into what you always dreamed of. So soft, so curvy, so feminine, so aroused.
Cotton candy kisses controlling your body so beautifully as your hands caress your growing breasts, and work their
way down as the cotton candy spins around and around emptying
your thoughts..
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Enveloped Manhood
Trained to crave to suck your own cock. Not only trained to need but trained to accomplish, to feel your own hard cock in your own greedy mouth. Soon your cock wont be enough and you will need to envelop your low hanging full balls and suck until you explode. This will be a compulsion, a burning desire, a need, a distraction, you will always be thinking about sucking your own cock with your own mouth.
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These cockfirmations
will have you fully accepting the fact that you absolutely
love, crave, worship, and need cock. This file is extremely
potent, full of several loops of cockfirmations, and has brain
wave technology that will brainwash you.
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Turned on by Cocks
Turned on by Cocks
You want cocks to turn you on and this desire is a natural instinct and I shall make it a natural occurance.
Everytime that you think of that perfect cock for you, long, short, thick, thin, black or white,
which ever cock takes your fencey, it will give you so much arousal and turn you on.
You want to be pleasured by cocks and to please them.
So come with me and get as turned on by sexy hard cocks as I do.
30:34 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Hypnosis Loop 15 - Sissies vs Alpha Males
Think you're a real man? Well think again, sissy.
It’s time to shed light on the extreme differences between simpering sissy
sluts and 
genuine alpha males. They’re bigger than you, better than you,
and much more well-endowed. I’m afraid there’s simply no contest,
sweetheart. Give in and 
submit to superior alpha males.

29 Minutes

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Crossdressed Slave
Crossdressed slave
This file will is dedicated to all men who love to Crossdress, to wear women`s clothes.
Before you start listening, I want you to make yourself  look beautiful and perfect.
Make yourself comfortable in your favorite clothes.
Be ready to be used and abused in your cage.
Be ready to feel my latex gloves.
Duration 42:47, including brainwaves and background music.
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Cum Addiction Trigger by The Only Theodora [VIDEO]

How convenient is it to have a perfect Goddess on your screen to stroke to, when all you really think about is another man's cum to swallow... But by all means, tell yourself you're just jerking to the lady on the screen, seducing you into eating your own cum, as your hand seems irrestibly attracted to your mouth... Your brain has been rewired already... 

Halfway between a classic hypnosis session and a jerk off instruction, this graphic, mildly humiliating ericksonian mindfuck is sure to push your buttons... Contains elements of: covert hypnosis, NLP, arm levitation, anchoring technique, light humiliation.

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Cock Hungry Slut by The Only Theodora [VIDEO]

You've always had an intense desire to submit to dicks, be it veiny ones, pre-cum leaking ones or BBC... Pushing to the back of your throat, filling all your holes... Become the cock hungry slut you've always craved to be and let yourself surrender to a mind-shattering, coerced hypnotic orgasm!

WARNING: A genuine, intense Ericksonian hypnosis session designed to completely rewire your brain using powerful anchors and very graphic suggestions... USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the psychological and psychosomatic consequences resulting from viewing this clip. This video isn't recommended for those with mental illness such as (but not limited to) depression.

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Gay for my legs by The Only Theodora [VIDEO]

Why hide the obvious? Legs are very much a phallic symbol, and what better symbol than my perfectly toned, pale, long pins? Such a convenient, yet arousing pretext to indulge in your testosterone-filled fantasies... What wouldn't you do for my legs, anyway?

A genuine, extremely pleasurable Ericksonian mindfuck designed to keep you in a light daze, using covert induction, confusion techniques and double-blinds, with the usual dose of NLP I am known for...

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Sissy Sauna

Step into a piping hot sauna, filled with masculine men

They can instantly tell you’re a sissy, and their cocks are raging hard for your
pretty mouth. Can you 
take the heat, slut? This file is for true cock sluts only.

43 Minutes

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