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Goddess Lana
My name is Goddess Lana and I am a Femdom Content Creator. I do a lot of different things. I create content in Straight, Bisexual and Gay categories. Niches I tend to explore are JOI Games, sissification, Mesmerize, JOI CEI, Homoerotica, Pigman Fetish, Mommy Domme, Cuckold Just to name a few. Its best if you just take a peek at my content! Craving something Im not doing let me know submit@goddesslana.com

Erotic audio books

Milking your way to the land of oinks in 5 days

Some men have an inner animal inside of them and some men have picked the pig as their animal. If I just described you this is the audio file for you. This audio teaches you how to become a pig through trance. You will have a 5 day challenge of sausage milking and if you make it through all 5 days you can officially consider yourself as a pig! Just over 20 mins

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Sissy Brainwashing Brain Hacker

This is a sissy brain hack. Once you listen to this clip your normal mind will be hacked with the sissy algorithm and you will become sissified. Its best to listen daily and if you want to be a really good sissy Id suggest listening 3-5 times a day. Wanking and eating your own cum is very encouraged!!!

Ps. 2 repeaters in 1. 1/2 way through you get a different repeater to add to the whole experience

Just over 11 mins
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Small Penis brainwashing plus repeater at the end

Only grab this clip if you are prepared to have your dick turn into a sissy clit. I will brainwash you into believing that your cock is now a little bity sissy clit and then I will humiliate you with my small dick repeater

Just over 11.5 mins long
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Cuckold Husband with small pee pee and repeater

Is your wife out on a girls night out. We both know she won't be with her girlfriends for very long. She is going out to get banged by hot men that have bigger cocks then you.

If you are into the cuckold small penis niche then this audio is for you. You get to wank and cum all over yourself over and over again while your wife is out being spoiled by hot hung men. She is having fun and all you get to do is sit there by yourself wanking with my audio clip.

There is humiliation and a countdown included and loopable so you can wank all night long!

Over 12 mins of audio
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Piggie Triggers all 4 phases

This audio clip takes you through 4 stages of becoming a piggie. You will be milking and exploring your sausage while I plant the piggie triggers. You can listen daily and become the best pig you can be. Always remember piggie's like to do simple things and one of a piggies fav things to do is playing with their sausage. Milking and oinking are also on the top of the list.

Almost 20 mins of audio
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Sissy Anal Training 101

This audio contains 3 days of anal stretching and a bonus clip at the end for extra training. Not only will your anus be able to serve its purpose more after the 3 days but since you have to wait to cum till day 3. YOU will probably cum without wanking. A hands free sissy squirt! NOW that is EXCITING!!!!

Over 18 mins of Audio
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The Ultimate Guide to Eating your own cum

Even if you eat your cum often there are tons of new ways to do it in this audio clip and if you always get scared right after you cum then this clip is the cure to get you eating your cum every time.

I walk you through wanking into beverages, into a glass, confusing you into it and then over 6 mins of this audio is you

being a cum eating superstar

There is even a Bonus clip at the end CEI for straight guys

Beginner section: ends at 3:12

Intermediate section 3:12 to 6:36

Pro section 6:36 to 12:37

CEI for straight guys 12:37 to 18:22

RunTime: 18:22

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Save our Planet Submit your lifejuice orally

You have been beamed up to our spacecraft and we implanted a nano bot microchip in your belly. We beamed you back down and now you can give us doses of your semen. All you have to do is wank & eat it. The nano micro chip beams the life juice up to our ship and we use it to save our planet. We also taste it because we love the taste of human life juice. You can do this clip daily or every other day for best results. Just push play and give the first dose if you are still horny feel free to give more doses. This is an INCREDIBLE edging style audio because you can just eat your pre-cum then eat the whole load on the 5th dose. This clip also included playing with your anal button. We implanted it so you can push it to create more life juice. JOI & CEI included Over 25 mins of Audio

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