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Goddess Lana

My name is Goddess Lana and I create mostly Hypnosis and brainwashing audio. I enjoy the Sissy and pig niches the most. The pig niche is different then most fetishes. There are certain males that feel they have an inner animal and some have picked the pig. I create audio to train the inner pig. Its a very very fun niche.

I teach them to oink correctly and do simple things like play with their sausages and milk it. Its soooo fun!!!

I also have explored humiliation, puppy and robot. I do a little cuckold and BBC. You will find a big variety in my clips and I hope you enjoy

Contact me here: lana@verbaldomination.com

Thank You
Goddess Lana

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4 Brainwashing Loopers
4 Audio Clips in 1
Looping Audio Two BBC Mouth Stretching Edition
Looping Audio Three The Faggot Spell Edition
Looping Audio Four THE PORN FLIP Edition

RunTime 17 mins
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Today I want us to flip through gay porn and I want to direct your every move

I want to call you silly names and make you cum to gay male porn

Runtime 16:37
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Become Cumslut Holly
You need to become a hott bimboo slut named cumslut Holly SISSY STYLE OF COURSE ;)

Runtime 10:04
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Become Sissy Whore Sabrina
Listen to my Words
Leave your mind
Become Sissy Whore Sabrina

Runtime 11:15
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Bi Sexual Piggie Audio
Runtime is 15 mins A lot of you like to pretend you are pigs. Well today you will become a bi sexual pig.
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Brainfucked Turning you into a female pig
When you watch porn
Do you want to be the girl on her knees?
Do you sometimes want to sniff butts?
Do you enjoy rimming?

Perhaps you are a pig?

Perhaps you are a female pig?

Perhaps you are a piggie pornwhore?

Lets find out

Runtime 16:20
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Cock Worship Brain Penetrator
Let me Penetrate your brain with cock worshiping thoughts. Gag on the thoughts. Gag on the cocks

I included whispering and ASMR Sucking sounds

Runtime 20:36
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Cuckold Husband with small pee pee and repeater
Is your wife out on a girls night out. We both know she won't be with her girlfriends for very long. She is going out to get banged by hot men that have bigger cocks then you.

If you are into the cuckold small penis niche then this audio is for you. You get to wank and cum all over yourself over and over again while your wife is out being spoiled by hot hung men. She is having fun and all you get to do is sit there by yourself wanking with my audio clip.

There is humiliation and a countdown included and loopable so you can wank all night long!

Over 12 mins of audio
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