Good Boy 3 trance

Good Boy 3 trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I take a different approach with this version. The difference is here I get you focused and down in trance by concentrating on your 7 chakras. One chakra at a time, all while I slowly move down your body. Finding that each step down I take, the more aroused you get, the more obedience that fills you up, and the closer you are to becoming My good boy. Throughout this recording not only do you find yourself fully aroused and may possibly explode all over; but you will also become My good boy. Always obedient to Me, always wanting to please Me, needing to please Me, because you now know how good obedience feels. You know that being My good boy will always result in immediate sexual pleasure and gratification, immediate arousal, a sexual euphoria you can only seem to reach while being My good boy, while being obedient. Mmmmm yes you will become My good boy. Listen and obey good boy. MP3 - 45:04min $69.99 There are 3 parts to the sample below, when you hear a short pause it's moving on to the next part of your sample. 

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