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HFO Black Lace

HFO Black Lace

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

This HFO recording is based on one of My fetishes- which is dressing a slave in My clothing. When I dress you in My black lace body stocking.... I love the feel of My clothes on you.... and I find it such a turn-on.

And- just a little of My fetish for...exhibitionism....


Features :  hypnotic orgasm, countup to HFO trigger, Erotic Whisper ASMR, L & R layers, "assisted hands" guiding you to stroke, fetish for exhibitionism.

26 mins.

No Induction. Please download the FREE INDUCTION "Surrender" loop recording



I love... love controlling your cock and your orgasms. And you love My exquisite control !


As a reward for being such a sweet slave, I take you to the Movie Theatre.... for a little exhibitionist orgasm training....

But before we leave, I  dress you in My (crotchless) black lace body stocking.... underneath your ordinary clothes....

your subconscious mind craves My control ... as I take you deep into hypnotic trance... drop you deeper into trance and increase your sexual arousal...

Tease & seduce your cock with kisses....

Then when you are feeling so aroused by My kisses & My hands cupping...stroking....I give you the trigger for HFO.

and your body obeys.

your cock is so obedient....

Every touch, every stroke...every ache of your cock is controlled by your Goddess.

Based on Real Life training of My sweet slaves.

I know you long to be Mine.


Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :     http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :    http://www.sissysurrender.com



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  • Author: submissive m
    Lady Surrender,
    "I do love taking control of your cock" this sessions starts in a way that left me aroused instantly. When you whisper it really does feel like time just freezes for a moment as I wait for the next word from your lips. I want to hear so badly all my focus is on what you will whisper next and it feels like a purposeful tease!

    love it so much! You whisper as gracefully as a bellydancer moving to music. Weaving words of temptation inside our minds. Words that stay with us even after the session. This file is... a journey in erotic poetry. You paint a picture of submission and it becomes all that my mind craves to see. Your moans are too sexy for words Lady Surrender.

    What I think also felt incredible was the reward we would experience for obeying you. These constant waves of pleasure became a river I wanted to drown in. Words that were spoken here throughout... Hard Cock... Sexy... the way You whisper Sexy... my body instantly responded too and surrendered. Automatically.

    It shocks me even now how You can command my body so thoroughly with just whispers... i could listen to you say delicious and sexy for hours Lady Surrender. Everytime You said "Mine" my entire body twitched even further into submission. You say it so sexily it.... just so impossible to resist You. i imagining You watching as i stroked... while wearing lacy clothing. It's arousing just thinking about the feelings this session invokes.

    It's funny because i've also listened to other sessions from You and somehow ... it feels hard to explain but when i hear you say "Mindless" or "Stroke FOR ME" these feelings from other sessions that I've heard... these feelings become stronger and the arousal from them so intense. I get shivers just thinking about you just saying Mindless at this point, wow. I felt so deep and so lost in this session because it felt like Your whispers coaxed and stroked our arousal from other sessions and then doubling, tripling, quadrupling the arousal even more.

    Your way to tease with words is beautiful... You keep raising the bar of what can be done with hypnosis with every file!!

    In the middle of this session you have such sexy phrases such as "mine to toy with" "mine to tease" and my mind is already putty here. Then the kisses on the cock... the kisses felt like breath being blown on the back of my neck... so sexy... really too sexy for words to do justice. I felt truly helpless to You and the arousal. My mind shut down from the arousal Lady Surrender and i loved it.

    This has been the second time i felt i orgasmed truly handsfree. Thank you Lady Surrender, this file was so incredible and so very erotic. This is something i will replay for months and i know i will lose myself even more everytime. The depth of your trances is truly.... truly amazing! Such a turn on being dominated by You Lady Surrender!
  • Author: verified buyer -H.
    It will come to no surprise that I like your HFO files the best. I didn't expect Black Lace to be my favourite, but it is. I thought the female clothing would be a turn off, but it didn't. But it's the exhibitionism part for me that gives it that little bit extra. It really draws me in. And I didn't expect that. It is a very pleasant surprise.