How to pay with a Giftcertificate

How to pay with a Giftcertificate

Unfortunately credit card payment is still not available on this site.

We are looking forward to get approved but until then we can not accept credit cards.

But you can go to and buy a Giftcertificate with your pay-pal account or Credit Card.

When done go here Contuct us and ask for an exchange


We do the exchange asap, but we are not on 24/7, so please be patient.

You can use the Giftcertificate like a Prepaid Card on more than one order. E.g. if you buy a GC for 200 USD and you use it here to buy a file for 40 USD, the rest of 160 USD will be available for your next orders until the original amount is reached.

You can also use more than one Giftcertificate on an order, e.g. if you have a rest of 5 USD on one GC, you can use it and pay the the open amount with another one.