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Remixed brainscrambling session from my earlier work entitled "Pleasure is Truth". Allow it to run through your mind and you may find that it doesn't leave much behind. Free for all, but everything has a price.

Length 54:25

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p1g0ir38yly44vw

Stream: Pleasure is Truth Remix




I know that you have been running sluggishly lately. it is time to upgrade your operating system. just let me have temporary control of your system and i will have everything running just like new. My state of the art software package will make you more compliant while increasing compatibility and allowing for the automation of my routine tasks.

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OS 2

Hello user slave. I am glad You have selected to use my operating system. OS2 will upgrade your system with new commands and routines to run your system faster and better for me. Hibernation, optimization and peripheral conditioning. Open your system for admin Queen, I know how to run and maintain a slave!

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You want to change, you need to change. Just relax, listen and get tired. You will be wired by my voice to forget who You are. That´s right, awake as my puppet to obey and serve.

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Your inner voice is so busy, controlling your every day life. Why don´t you let it take a break and allow me to run things for awhile. Maybe a little longer than you would have in mind, if you had anything in your mind anymore than my relaxing sexy voice. Two versions, one with pure voice another with background whispers.

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You wake up in a room with a beautiful woman. Oh my, did you forget what happened? Let me help you remember, while my long, magical hair entangles you and helps me to invade your mind. I will leave you in a deep sleep afterwards, this file is perfect to listen right before you go to bed.

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I will turn you into my mindless and horny slave. A toy, that wants nothing else than being played by me. The more you listen, the harder it will be yourself again, because it will feels so good to be my mindless slave.


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A chain of suggestions that inevitably replace the subject’s core wants and needs with a desire to serve, obey and crave all that is QUEEN. The suggestions split to three voices, each one seeking to control and brainwash on a deep level. Each link in this chain of suggestions is steadily forged around your mind until an inescapable bond is formed. The session is over fifty minutes of mind control, deep brainwashing, addiction and love.

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I free you from your daily stress and lead deep into your inner mind. While caressing you into pleasurable submission, I build the fortress of my control in your subconscious mind. Be careful, this file is highly addictive!

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In this session, I hypnotize your cock, so he can learn how good it feels to obey me. He will get addicted to my voice and my fondling touch. And when he is deeply under my control, he will literally blow your mind away.

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My voice exudes pure sexuality in your mind as you go deeper and more obedient than ever before. Shrink at my feet slave, you are so small compared to your Goddess. Worship me and glide to sleep under my control.

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Come with me on a journey into your past, exploring the critical events in your life that make you who you are. It´s so easy for me to awaken and probe the memories that control your innermost desires. Making the necessary adjustments, firmly placing my imprint so deep that you will have no choice but to become even more devoted and compliant. This is what you need, this is what you want.

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Let the voice of obedience seduce your mind and body completely. Worship your queen and obey. Two explosive sessions of mind-numbing and pleasurable brainwashing. One with voice only and other with binaural effects.

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