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You’ve been restless lately, something has been bothering you but you can’t put your finger on it. Only a visit to the local hypnotherapist will bring clarity. They say she is unsurpassed at rooting out deep secrets of the subconscious mind. This fantasy session is sure to extract every last bit of pleasure from your helpless mind. All sorts of special effects await you in this fantasy about alien abduction therapy with a delightful twist of a forced orgasm.

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The genie calls to you and you will answer her call, moving steadily closer as you sense her power growing. Indescribable pleasure will reward those who listen to her voice. Rub the lamp and your deepest wish will be granted. Duration 22:57.

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Welcome to my diner where you will relax and try something from my broad menu. Service takes on a different meaning as you submit to your orders completely. Tonight´s special includes foot, leg and pussy worship as well as slavery dessert with a side of addiction.

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Member access to my website. Includes vanilla hypnotherapy recordings, recordings and loops that are available to members only, not listed for sale. Stories, reviews, info, picture and lot more!

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I know that you have been running sluggishly lately. it is time to upgrade your operating system. just let me have temporary control of your system and i will have everything running just like new. My state of the art software package will make you more compliant while increasing compatibility and allowing for the automation of my routine tasks.

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OS 2

Hello user slave. I am glad You have selected to use my operating system. OS2 will upgrade your system with new commands and routines to run your system faster and better for me. Hibernation, optimization and peripheral conditioning. Open your system for admin Queen, I know how to run and maintain a slave!

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You want to change, you need to change. Just relax, listen and get tired. You will be wired by my voice to forget who You are. That´s right, awake as my puppet to obey and serve.

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Your inner voice is so busy, controlling your every day life. Why don´t you let it take a break and allow me to run things for awhile. Maybe a little longer than you would have in mind, if you had anything in your mind anymore than my relaxing sexy voice. Two versions, one with pure voice another with background whispers.

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