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Remixed brainscrambling session from my earlier work entitled "Pleasure is Truth". Allow it to run through your mind and you may find that it doesn't leave much behind. Free for all, but everything has a price.

Length 54:25

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p1g0ir38yly44vw

Stream: Pleasure is Truth Remix




I free you from your daily stress and lead deep into your inner mind. While caressing you into pleasurable submission, I build the fortress of my control in your subconscious mind. Be careful, this file is highly addictive!

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I know that you have been running sluggishly lately. it is time to upgrade your operating system. just let me have temporary control of your system and i will have everything running just like new. My state of the art software package will make you more compliant while increasing compatibility and allowing for the automation of my routine tasks.

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Be an unwilling guest in my clinic, as I bind your will and your body to my permanent control. If you´re a bad boy, you will become a good boy. If you´re good boy, you will become a better boy and perfect toy! Make your last free choice and listen to this file at the risk of losing all independent thought.

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Imprisoned by my Voice

Descend so deeply into my hypnotic control that you will find yourself completely my prisoner as you submit your will totally to me.

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My sultry voice billows on your mind to sweep it clean from trash thoughts like ocean wave spreads across beach, flattening it from foot prints. Your sand castle resistance dissolves into oblivion under my brainwash programming. Relax.and obey! 2 versions, pure voice and effects.

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Cum Constriction

You need my control. This session will tease you endlessly until you submit to me completely, breaking down your will and toying with your mind and body.

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Come with me on a journey where you will move ever deeper into me as I penetrate deep into your mind with my control. Breath in and become filled with pure radiant pleasure from my voice. The deeper you go, the more pleasure you will feel. And the more pleasure you feel, the deeper you crave to go. 3 versions: voice only, with effects and one with binaural beats.

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The genie calls to you and you will answer her call, moving steadily closer as you sense her power growing. Indescribable pleasure will reward those who listen to her voice. Rub the lamp and your deepest wish will be granted. Duration 22:57.

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I will turn you into my mindless and horny slave. A toy, that wants nothing else than being played by me. The more you listen, the harder it will be yourself again, because it will feels so good to be my mindless slave.


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Lost in the wilderness, weary and parched from your explorations I replenish your spirit taking you down deep into my oasis. A place where you can safely rest and recharge. Drink your fill in at the nectar well of your wildest dreams in exchange of servitude to me. Soon your dry mouth is asking for another sip.

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OS 2

Hello user slave. I am glad You have selected to use my operating system. OS2 will upgrade your system with new commands and routines to run your system faster and better for me. Hibernation, optimization and peripheral conditioning. Open your system for admin Queen, I know how to run and maintain a slave!

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Welcome to the bottom floor of my hypnotic hotel. This is the check in process, you will never want to leave. I will train and mold you to become the perfect pet of my pleasures and choice. Future recordings will include details to the various floors in my hotel. Be on the look out for more parts to this series in the future.

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