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Hypno Queen



Prepare yourself for the privilege of submitting to my seductive boots. When you hear the sound of my heels approaching you will be overcome with the desire to step down worship my irresistible thigh high boots. Get on your knees and start licking! This session will take you to a place where your entire world is filled with helpless boot adoration. Two versions, other with binaural beats. 25:34

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Brain Bundle

Your anesthetized head will be completely taken care of in my hypnotic institution.

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My sultry voice billows on your mind to sweep it clean from trash thoughts like ocean wave spreads across beach, flattening it from foot prints. Your sand castle resistance dissolves into oblivion under my brainwash programming. Relax.and obey! 2 versions, pure voice and effects.

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Brainwash Starter Pack

Brainwash Starter Pack, a bundle of 3 brainwash sessions: Need Master, Fix (Extended version) and Voice of Obedience. Samples can be listened from individual sessions. Begin your journey now!

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In this session, I hypnotize your cock, so he can learn how good it feels to obey me. He will get addicted to my voice and my fondling touch. And when he is deeply under my control, he will literally blow your mind away.

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Be an unwilling guest in my clinic, as I bind your will and your body to my permanent control. If you´re a bad boy, you will become a good boy. If you´re good boy, you will become a better boy and perfect toy! Make your last free choice and listen to this file at the risk of losing all independent thought.

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Cosmic Comfort

Fasten your seat belt and collar space slut, it's time to eject!

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Cum Constriction

You need my control. This session will tease you endlessly until you submit to me completely, breaking down your will and toying with your mind and body.

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