HypnoClown JOI HD

HypnoClown JOI HD

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova
The circus is in town and you see a beautiful clown. You are strangely attracted to this clown, there is just something about her you can’t quite figure out what it is but she is just mesmerizing.
You need to get a closer look so you follow her back to a quiet spot there's no one else around. You just stare at her for awhile watching her every move, even though you haven’t spoken a single word to her she stares back at you. Her stare is so hypn0tic you just can’t look away, your mind begins to empty as you just watch her. Her mouth isn’t moving but yet you can hear her voice in your mind.

“just watch Me feel how amazing it feels to just watch me I know your getting so turned on now aren’t you? I know you are the more you watch Me the more you feel compelled to touch yourself it becomes such a strong feeling you just start stroking without even realizing your doing it”
She guides you to the most amazing orgasm but not before she brings you to the edge and holds you there, playing with you, teasing and torturing you with pleasure. If clowns don’t turn you on they will after you watch this!!

Clip includes * multi-layered sound track with voice and whispers, light music, and brainwave entrainment for arousal and increased pleasure *spiral overlay and crystal inducti0n *JOI *Edging *post hypn0tic suggestion

This was a custom video

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