trance Loop 14 - Sissy Princess

trance Loop 14 - Sissy Princess

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

There’s a naughty princess inside you, begging to be set free. Shed
your masculinity and step into a world full of giggles, sparkles, and
well-hung studs ready to be pleased. Surrender fully, sissy slave.
Once you become a sissy princess, there’s no going back.

This file contains 29 trancetic minutes of slutty
princess sissification.

Let’s begin with a very special trigger. Every time you hear the word 
Princess”, sparkling pink feminine energy will blossom within you,
sending tingled throughout your entire body. When you hear “Princess”,
the sweet girl inside you will come out to play.

Good princesses don’t dress like men, talk like men, walk like men, or 
act like men. You’ll behave as girly as possible from here on out,
dressing femininely and wearing slutty makeup. Even your voice will
change to a high pitched princess tone. So cute 

Your relationships with women and men will change forever. Gone are
the days where you look at pretty girls as sex objects. After this file,
you’ll be shopping with your new girlfriends, giggling at all the hot guys 
that cross your path. Good princesses love flirting with big strong men,
and you’re going to become such a tease

All princesses have a naughty side, of course. Being taken by a man 
truly affirms your place as a simpering sissy princess. Big fat cock
sliding in and out of your mouth makes you moan like a slut. Long
throbbing penis pumping in and out of your pussy makes you feel like
a real girl. Just accept my brainwashing, princess. Let a real man fuck 
your masculinity into oblivion.

By the end of this file, you’ll be transformed into a sweet girly fuckdoll 
princess, sparkling with feminine energy and burning with arousal. The
girl inside you is getting restless, sweetheart. It’s time to set her free.




  • Girly girl feminization

  • Light small penis humiliation

  • Shrinking clitty

  • Removal of attraction to women

  • Attraction to men increased greatly

  • Increased feminine feelings

  • Turning you into a flirty slut around men

  • Desire to kiss handsome studs

  • The need to wear women’s clothing, jewelry, and makeup

  • Trigger: Hearing the word “princess” will instantly make you incredibly feminine





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