trance Loop 15 - Sissies vs Alpha Males

trance Loop 15 - Sissies vs Alpha Males

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Think you’re a real man? Well think again, sissy. It’s time to shed
light on the extreme differences between simpering sissy sluts and 
genuine alpha males. They’re bigger than you, better than you, and
much more well-endowed. I’m afraid there’s simply no contest,
sweetheart. Give in and submit to superior alpha males.

This file contains 29 minutes of intense lust
for masculine alphas with thick, twitching cocks.

There are so many differences between you and real men… Your
bodies, for instance. Sissies are weak, dainty, and oh so feminine.
Alpha males are tall, ripped, and rugged. Powerful enough to
dominate a dozen sissy sluts and horny girls in a single night.
Feeling scared, sweetie?

It’s in your sissy nature to submit to those more powerful than you.
But an alpha has no master. He simply takes what he wants,
whether it’s a slutty girl’s tight hairless pussy, or a sissy cumslut’s 
anal virginity
. Don’t even try to resist.

Sissies treat women with the utmost respect and admiration.
Women are to be worshipped, pampered, and pleased by all sissy
slaves in sight. Alpha males treat women like sextoys to be kissed,
fucked, and roughly creampied. Us ladies step on sissy bitches
while swooning for masculine alphas. You’re truly at the bottom of
the sexual hierarchy, sissy.

Your clitty is minuscule and worthless, unfit to ever penetrate a
woman’s vagina (or your own fist). An alpha’s cock is massive, long,
and hard as a rock, able to drive deep inside a pretty girl’s pussy
until his massive balls slap against her ass. Such manly cocks and
mouth-watering balls were meant to be worshipped… and worship
you shall.

By the end of this file, you’ll feel smaller, girlier, more submissive,
and much hornier than ever before. Big strong men with 10 inch
throbbing dicks will overtake your mind for hours, days, and weeks 
to come. Think you can compare to them, sissy? Listen and find out.




  • Alpha male worship
  • Female superiority
  • Cock enslavement
  • Small clitty humiliation
  • Craving for sex with hot guys
  • Intense inferiority to stronger males
  • A desire to be deeply bred by an alpha male
  • Trigger - Seeing an alpha male in public will turn you into an incredibly horny, submissive sissy bitch

29 Minutes

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