Hypnosis Loop 2 - Bimbo Delight

Hypnosis Loop 2 - Bimbo Delight

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella
Are you ready to become a bimbo, sissy slave? To become air headed, slutty, and constantly horny around real men? Of course you’re ready, sweetie. 
This file contains over 21 minutes of powerful bimbo brainwashing in my seductive voice. I have designed this file for the express purpose of turning you into a slutty bimbo doll. 
In this file, you will fall into a girly trance, as your IQ drops little by little. You will realize that being dumb and braindead is essential to being a bimbo. Being stupid makes you horny. Being air headed makes the cocks of real men rock hard for you. 
You will be conditioned to strive for a perfect bimbo body. You crave the attention men give you when you show off your slutty assets, and yearn to shape your body for their pleasure. Your bimbo body has one purpose: to be a welcoming set of fuck-holes, and an eager cum receptacle. 
Your bimbo transformation will amplify your (already extreme) lust for cock. Good sissy bimbos have an insatiable drive to find the biggest and thickest of cocks to give sloppy wet blowjobs to. In fact, your mouth is simply a second pussy. 
My words will train you to seek out sex with hung horny alpha studs. Aggressive fucking is the pinnacle of orgasmic bliss for any slutty bimbo, and receiving thick internal creampies is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 
And of course, sissy, you will be trained to be a good little cumdump bimbo. You will learn the proper technique for receiving a real man’s virile sperm all over your face, and in your mouth. 
By the end of this file, you will become a flirty little cock sucking, cum obsessed, bimbo, with low intelligence and a strong yearning to seek out rough animalistic sex with horny guys.
21 Minutes

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