Hypnosis Loop 5 - Obey Women

Hypnosis Loop 5 - Obey Women

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella
You already know the truth… don’t you sissy? Since you were born, women have treated you differently than other men. Not like an equal… more like a servant. Yes sissy, It’s time to fully embrace your reality as a slave to superior females. You are living in a matriarchy from now on.

This file contains 26 minutes of female superiority training and submissive brainwashing in my seductive voice. This file was made to force you into complete submission, while strengthening the reality of your powerlessness.

There is also a sensuous fantasy scenario within this file, featuring Mistress Stella and a mansion full of dominant women.

Women are superior to sissies in every way. Men and women may be equals, but sissies are FAR beneath us.. under our heels. We are absolute queens. You are a slave. We give orders. You obey.

Our bodies are sacred objects for you to worship. You try your very hardest to model your form after ours. Giving yourself beautiful bouncy tits, a round jiggly ass, and locked up worthless clitty. But little sissies can’t hope to compare, women’s curvaceous bodies are superior in every way.

Women will always treat you differently sissy. We can tell instantly what you are, without even speaking to you. Our natural breeding instincts send our bodies clues as to which male is a virile, dominant bull… and which is a simpering little sissy, unworthy of our time.

You will realize that women are voracious sexual creatures who crave attention from strong alpha males. Never from pathetic little sissies like you. You will worship and crave attention from both dominant men and women.

Your sissy nature drives you to obey all women, and you’ll happily follow the orders from any woman you meet. You’ll also happily service their horny boyfriends and husbands. You dream of becoming an enslaved sissy to a dominant woman, who will let you service her day and night, and keep her husband satisfied while she’s away.

But most importantly sissy, you will learn that sex is no longer an option for you. At least not the traditional way. Women have no use for a useless little clitty like yours. The only phyiscal contact you’ll be making with women is being hugged, spanked, slapped, or stepped on. No more sex with women, sweetie.

By the end of this file, you will fully realize your true purpose in life. You were born to be a subservient little slave to women. All women. You crave to be owned in every aspect of your life by strong dominant females. Your greatest pleasure in life is seeing your Mistress smile.

26 Minutes

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