Hypnosis Loop 8 - Pathetic Clitty

Hypnosis Loop 8 - Pathetic Clitty

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

Intense small penis humiliation for submissive sissies only. Your little
clitty will be mocked, teased, and harshly degraded. I hope you can
handle this sissy… because you won’t be shown any mercy.

This file contains 25 minutes of intense clitty
humiliation. It is not for the faint of heart.   

This hypnosis loop is not meant for wannabe sissies. Only listen if
you’re truly ready for an endless attack on your itty bitty bitchclit and
masculinity. Listen as I give you a special trigger, to force you into
submission one giggle at a time. 

Its a well established fact that cock size matters to women, and you
will never EVER measure up. Pretty girls crave big thick cocks to
suck and fuck, not your tiny little nub. In fact… the moment we see
your pathetic babysoft thing, our pussies dry up completely. 

Ask any woman sissy, she’ll tell you the truth. Any “man” under 7
inches is no man at all. Once you come clean and tell a woman your
size, you’ll be foreverbranded as a pathetic little sissy. She’ll mock 
and humiliate for your size and you absolutely love it. Soon all her
girlfriends will know, and you’ll be the laughingstock of every beautiful
woman in your city.

Even I love a big thick cock. Yes… your mistress prefers larger
penises to yours. Your shriveled little clit is nothing more than a waste
of my precious time. That’s right sissy, your little clitty disgusts me.
The only possible fun I could have with you, would be to abuse your
little clit and ovaries.. then lock you away in a special chastity cage. 

By the end of this file, you and your weak little thingy will be broken 
and crying.There will be nothing left of you but a submissive limp
clitty, and a shattered ego.





  • Small clitty humilation

  • Feelings of intense shame

  • Extreme arousal 

  • Acceptance that you’ll never have sex

  • Submission to all women

  • Admiration for larger cocks

  • Desire to tell women about your size

  • Cheating wives/girlfriends

  • Trigger: intense pain when your clitty tries to get hard 

25 Minutes

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