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Absorb Amethyst

Absorb Amethyst is a non-erotic title to assist with stress reduction.

I have received more requests for stress reduction hypnosis in the past 12 months than I ever have previously. Because of this, I'm going to release this title at a reduced rate. I want to make sure there's no reason not to grab this one!

I wonder if you were aware that Amethyst, the crystal, is thought of as the stone that promotes a state of peacefulness. It is a meditative and calming stone which works on the emotional, spiritual, and physical energies to provide balance, patience, peace and a state of calmness. In this file, I will program your mind so that you can give yourself the Absorb Amethyst trigger.

Your subconscious mind responds easily and automatically to this signal. It will help you to melt away the fears & worries. It will assist you by dissolving the pressure and strain and by evaporating any tension and tightness in your body. Any and all negative emotions or sensations will fade out and you will be left with a calm, clear, peaceful mind, a relaxed, calm body, and a gentle, calm, spirit. Yes, that’s right. Your mind, body, and spirit will Absorb Amethyst, that soothing sensation of calmness.

Features: 29 Minutes; Non-erotic hypnosis; Induction with 10-1 countdown; Trigger programming; Triple voice reinforcement programming - by Amethyst; Copyright 2015

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All you need is LOVE, The LOOK of LOVE
The Look of LOVE... a deep slave Hypnosis
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Always plugged
This file is a curse, a curse that will make you want to wear a butplug all the time. You will feel incomplete without it, and your desire to fill your ass will grow and grow, untill you finally wear it all the time. When you reach this state, you will start to lust for bigger ones, yes bigger and more kinky ones, and you will start to surf the adultshops to find new plugs. And when you see the pictures, you will know exactly how it will feel to wear them, to ride them. And you need to have them, because your hungry ass needs to get feeded.
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Backwards Induction
A slow drift backwards into a femdom hypnosis trance, lulled into trance with a backwards induction which will leave you primed, prone and ready for my devious instructions. This mp3 can be listened to before any femdom hypnosis recording by any Hypno-Domme of your choosing.
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Body hair removal
BODY HAIR REMOVAL for males and females. This file will make your body hair vanish, the hair folicles will die and the hair will not come back. All body hair except your head will dissapear and you will have a smooth hairless and sensitive skin. This is not an overnight success, but finally you will loose all the unwanted hair. This include the pubic region, no shaving anymore, hairless legs, arms back and chest. And this file comes with an arousal trigger. You will need to masturbate after listening, so take care that you are undisturbed for an hour.
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Breast Growth Masturbation-Genetic females
This file will change your body. Whenever you masturbate your body will start to release hormones which are needed to make your breasts grow.
A trigger will be set deep into your mind, this trigger will cause body reaction to masturbation. From this moment on, when ever you touch yourself to masturbate, your body will respond with a new reaction. Your mind will cause your pituitary gland to release hormones. To release estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin,
the hormones necessary to cause breast growth.
That’s right every time you masturbate, your body will release the hormones to grow breasts.
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Constant Cum Production. This file will be fun ( or not) for slaves in chastity, as well as for men who would like to turn into heavy cummers. Maybe a cuckoldress will use it to increase the amount of cum their bulls produce, so that the sloppy seconds turn into minutes. ;-) When you listen to this file, your body is going to begin producing more cum, than it ever has before in your life. Your body is going to start with how much it produces now, and it is going to produce a little more each and every day, until you are producing so much cum, that, if you do not orgasm at least once every 8 hours, it will begin leaking from the tip of your penis.
The other effect of this is going to be, that you will discover that you are capable of having multiple orgasms.
Multiple orgasms without running low, without feeling like you are running out, without even loosing energy.
And your sperm will be very sanely and it will have a very high fertility rate.

You will be a real baby maker ;-)
Or a really, really frustrated cucky or sissy.
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Cock Slut Queen - Female sub series

This file will turn your girlfriend or wife into a real cock hungry little whore. She will crave to suck cock and she will want to swallow as many cum as she can get. Her need to get fucked in the ass and in her pussy will grow and grow, and she will want to become gangbanged all day. After a while she will start to ride the edge to orgasm simply by sucking cock, and when she make him cum in her mouth she will experience a full body orgasm.

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Cuck Reprogramming by The Only Theodora

Become my brainwashed cuckold with this powerful clip... Because it's safer to let real men take care of the pleasure of the Only Woman you desire, namely Me! You're not fit for sex, and you know it full well. Pleasing a woman is so much pressure already, not to mention pleasing a Goddess like me...Let my sensuous voice guide you and mold your brain as it should be...

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At first this audio starts with the induction trance and then as soon as you will be completely under my power we will start a funny trip.. this time you will learn how to be a perfect cuckold.. then it will start a sensual story in which you will be the main character .. a mix of cuckolding training and experience of a day as a cuckold.. 17 minutes
This audio includes: vocal effects, whispering
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cuckold fantasies one


This is the first file in the cuckold series, i will lead you softly into a deep trance. you lay down on your back, spread eagle restrained to the bed posts, while i am out to pic up a real man....
This file installs a trigger deep into your mind, you can use this trigger by yourself. Whenever you think, or when sombody says "Sloppy moments" and you go down on a woman, you will .... Ok I don´t think that i must explain this further...
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Cum Clean

Hypnosis MP3 - Erotic Creampie clean up for couples

Turn your fantasy into a reality - lick your wife clean after sex.

This deep programming hypnosis MP3 uses NLP, repetitions, and layered tracks to brainwash your mind into following through on your desire to show your wife/girlfriend how much her pleasure means to you. Cleaning her after sex is a way to extend her pleasure, as well as demonstrate how you worship her.


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Main voice track has a left/right effect (similar to Obedient Mind)
  • Creampie Fetish
  • Style: Heavy programming using NLP, repetitions & layered tracks
  • Count Up at the end
  • Audience: Male; No specific mention of "wife" or "girlfriend" - only "her" is mentioned.
  • 31 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2016.

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