Hypnotic Domina





EROTIC trance

Welcome to Your Hypnodomme, the place to submit to Me.  you will love surrendering to my Erotic trance.  I discovered My desire and ability to control those around Me in my early teens.  Erotic trance has allowed Me to take My Control to the next level.
you will be Mine, and I will guide you wherever I choose.

FEMDOM trance

Female Domination by a young Princess.  New submissives are always surprised by the power of My sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to My MP3 recordings and live phone sessions.
I will slip in under your radar, softly and subtly replacing your thoughts with My words and My programming.


I am a certified hypnotist.  I am sweet, sassy and sexy.
My area of erotic trance is known as "soft domme", which means that I want to enjoy the experience with you, not at your expense-well of course it is partly at your expense!


You will quickly find out how much I enjoy what I do---from My laughter (sometimes giggles), to My willingness to spend time getting to know you and your desires.  Erotic trance must be fun for Me, or I will simply go and do something that is.
I hope you will join Me on this ride.  I will hypnotically own you and your mind, but we will both enjoy the experience and the journey-I promise.
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Erotic audio books

Sissy Changeling

Length: 21 minutes

You have felt the stirring of your feminine self. Now we will take the next step together, as your transformation begins to take hold.
This is the first step in your development, and you will need to listen to this file several times before moving on to the next step.

If you are not sure of your inner desires for feminization, take a step back and work your way through My Sissy Curious series.

Copyright © - Domina Shelle Rivers

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trancetic Trap

Length: 44 minutes

"your mind will be ensnared and entangled by this devastating trancetic web". MY voice will weave its way around your mind and can NOT be resisted by anyone who listens. Trying to resist will only make you weaker. My suggestions are not to be taken lightly.

Feel the BLISS of Domina's Dangerously WICKED CONTROL.

          • femdom hypnosis
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Domina 24 Hours

Length: 62 minutes

you have been programmed by Me for many months, and now you will see My purpose---Laughs, I know slave dreams of this often, being with Me, serving Me, obeying My every command, without question without thought...
Here is your chance----giggles
This erotic trance mp3 will really open slave's mind to what it would be like to be with Me live, just you and Me. Live the trance fantasy NOW. Listen and OBEY!

If you enjoyed My "Domina" file, you will love this one.

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Level: Powerful
Length: 35 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Erotic

Imagine losing all control of your body, mind and of course, your cock to a most sexy nurse.  Think about what it would feel like to have her sedate you then place a cloth onto your mouth and nose.  She whispers, just BREATHE IN....don't fight it...just relax and let it happen!  Soon you will feel a numbness flow over you.  Then you will be paralyzed...helpless....and under her control.

Her whispers become softer and more irresistible as she unzips your pants. (Laughing)

Look at you, you are already helpless and unable to resist me.  I am in control and you can do nothing.  I have made you mindless.....and you are completely under my control.  What's that thought, are you wondering what wicked little games I might play with you now?  Mmmmmh do you like to play DANGEROUS games?  Go ahead Try to resist My drug...giggles

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MASTER Conditioning

Length: 53 minutes

Conditioning your Helpless mind...
"Utter bombardment on your brain".
This femdom trance mp3 is a MUST HAVE if you want to feel the full effects of My work, as it will soften your mind, remove all resistance and prepare you for your future.

Powerful 3D effects that allow Me to penetrate the far corners of your mind. Feel My voice instantly reach further and deeper inside you.

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Brainwashed-Trigger Reinforcers

Length: 25 minutes

Beginning of Brainwashed Program-Phase II---Where I reinforce all of My brainwashing...all of My triggers will be forever IMPLANTED.
Gently putting all defenses to sleep, so that the brainwashing can be absorbed and nothing can stop it. Floating away into a dreamy blissful trance, My sugary sweet voice cannot be questioned, cannot be resisted and will not be ignored.

This is NOT for beginners.

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Lust in the Darkness

Length: 43 minutes

What a WICKED web I weave---Sleep DEEP

Come-- find yourself lost in My web within a web, HORNY and confused, helpless and controlled as your EXTREMELY erotic DOMINA enters your dreams, toys with your naked mind and your body, leaving you begging for release.

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Mermaid Seduction

Length: 50 minutes

This Mind Altering Erotic trance experience will leave you breathless and mindless. The Siren Mermaid will seduce you and lure you to the depths of Her Realm where there is no escape. Once you have listened to this mp3 you will return to Her in your sleep - in the Reality of your Subconscious mind - every night. Even now you are being drawn to Her seductive sensual voice, you can hear Her now, can't you.....you can't resist.....you just can't resist Her can you?

This erotic journey will involve a feeling of transformation to a mermaid. This is a temporary state, just for the duration of the file.

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