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Hypnotic Haylee

Hypnotic Haylee

True Femdom Erotic Hypnosis


I am so pleased that you have found your way here. Something has drawn you to Me. Perhaps it is fate. I wonder just how pleased you are going to be, once you realize just how deep I can take you. Are you ready to embark on this journey with Me? The only choice is Mine. You will submit. ALL FOR HAYLEE.


Imagine just for a moment, how truly good it would feel to finally find what you have been searching for your entire life? How good it is going to feel to surrender your thoughts, and allow them to be replaced with better ones? To have the control from Me that you have fantasized about day after day, night after night. Life will be so much more relaxing once you just give in, and enjoy the journey through my deep, blissful Femdom Hypnosis.


Every single person who indulges in My work, tells me that I am unique. That I am what they have been searching for, for so long. Now its your turn. Once you give in, the bliss will be undeniable. Submission to a true Goddess. How lucky you are to have found Me. Or perhaps, I led you to me all along.


Once you have just a tiny taste of My power, you will NEED more. Follow Me everywhere. Twitter- https://twitter.com/hypnotichaylee

Personal Site- http://hypnotichaylee.com

Patreon- https://patreon.com/hypnotichaylee


For questions or comments, email Me at hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com keeping in mind that My time deserves to be tributed for. 


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Bound and Sired
This file will bind you to my will, create your new triggered transformation, and sire you to me personally. You will work for me, be drained of will, resistance, and control, and have no choice but to spread the word of Haylee, and bring others to me. A pawn in my enchanting world, with no escape, or desire to.
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Brain Drain – Brainwashing By Empress Vox Siren
This file is an extremely potent, effective, and very real
brainwashing file. I use all of my hypnotic powers and
techniques to access your eager and open subconscious mind,
drain your brain, and fill it with my commands and
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These cockfirmations
will have you fully accepting the fact that you absolutely
love, crave, worship, and need cock. This file is extremely
potent, full of several loops of cockfirmations, and has brain
wave technology that will brainwash you.
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Pay and Obey Locked and Loaded Erotic Hypnosis mp3 by Hypnotic Haylee
Goddess is everything. I own you completely. You are a weak, inferior man, and I reign supreme over your entire existence. Yess you are sooo weak for Me. So aroused, so weak, so obedient. Paying makes you feel so good. Drip drip drip
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Tribute Hypnotic Haylee
Tribute Hypnotic Haylee
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What Empress Vox Siren Wants, Empress Vox Siren Gets Mindfuck Mantra
This file holds a VERY powerful mantra which will find a permanent spot inside of your mind. Behind the powerful mantra lays a few other main tracks and several irresistibly powerful and controlling whisper tracks. These are designed to force you deeply into a trance like state by overwhelming and confusing your conscious mind, and body.
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