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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Enchantress Esmeralda has once again, summoned you, and spell binds you tightly with her suspenseful, Masterful, erotic storytelling style. This time, she is masquerading as a private detective. What sort of buried secrets, desires, and lustful fetishes will she uncover, locked away deep within your unconscious mind? This is an erotic femdom fantasy where everything does not appear as it first seems, as wicked Esmeralda has summoned and hooked you, yet again. Sit back, relax, as I tell you the tale of a guy, very similar to you, that I once knew, and what happened to him, that dark, rainy night when he encountered Esmeralda – Private Eye.

I hope you don’t mind if I .. smoke .. do you? she asks, and then wickedly laughs at you.

Contains rapid eye close induction with finger snaps and erotic deepeners.

Contains 4 layers of whispers, bombarding your senses, as your eyes focus, on the Enchanting Esmeralda, and the soft piano lulls you into a deep trancetic slumber, as I Take Your Mind, with My Smoke.

Contains Forced JOI, as Esmeralda binds your body, entices and teases your senses, into smoky, trancetic submission, and then releases you with some very intriguing parting words.

Length: 67 minutes

Contains: Erotic Fantasy, Smoke Fetish, Brain Washing, Mind Control, Humiliation, JOI, Whispers, Fingersnaps, Induction, Awakening, Background music

TESTIMONIAL:  I AM TAKING YOUR MIND WITH MY SMOKE is a perfect JOI file with very focused, tight structure and an eerie ambience. The audio is beautifully done. I was stunned by the multi-layered background clips, at any rate it worked for me and I splattered all over myself.  By the end of it, I wasn’t sure what sex I was and it isn’t even an overtly feminizing file. I guess Esmeralda is taking over more and more.  It gets too complicated to sustain focused effort for too long, so I just have to give myself over to your bombarding control.

I am getting to the point where I wish You would really take over my mind 24 hours a day. Really! I would probably be of no practical use to You like that. I can’t spend all day licking your ass as much as I would like to. I keep smelling that cigar smoke!

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Fascinating tale of a femdom detective. It is sort of trance-noir . It is like if Mike Hammer were Michelle Hammer, dominatrix. I really felt like I was in the room with You on this one, Esmeralda. Thank You!