I'm Forcing You by Enchantress Esmeralda

I'm Forcing You by Enchantress Esmeralda

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Classic Version with Enhanced I'm Taking Control loop!  Simply put .. this is a cum file! I will make you masturbate. Resistance will only cause you to become more aroused, more submissive .. to Enchantress Esmeralda .. and I am sure, you will try to resist, but in the end, resistance is futile .. because it just feels too good! A cautionary note .. this is a highly trancetic file, as I had trouble putting it together as I kept going into trance myself! Trancing and cumming and control .. need I say more?


I'm Forcing You - Mike

When i listened to the sample and grew hard...i knew that i was in serious trouble. So what did i do...i purchased "I'm Forcing You..."

Somehow this recording must touch a number of weaknesses of mine ... and add Your trancetic voice and words ... and i am now somehow addicted! i go deeper under each time i listen. and each forced orgasm is stronger than the prior. if an orgasm could be painful...it may be approaching that.

i don't understand but luv what this recording does to me. of course i am growing stiff as i type this to You. 

Thank You for putting together such as incredible recording. It is both fun and ever so powerful!!!! 
i left a 5 star rating on www.sensualmistress.com!

John says:  You are an amazing trancetist and should be classified as a secret weapon. You are dangerously delicious, and I love it. Please, please, please, do anything to me that you wish. Thank you for your wonderful, beautiful trance. Listening to you, is so very easy, and each word you speak melts into my head, so naturally. I love "Bound to Me Now", "I'm Forcing You". Each word sinks into my mind, and the next thing I know, I'm automatically and so easily, agreeing with, and desiring everything you say. I'm so deeply relaxed, my mind is so blank, my body is so totally paralyzed, and the pleasure you give me, is indescribable. Your voice is so wonderfully enticing, I can't resist, anything you say. I always thought a trancetized subject, retains some will power with the trancetist. But I literally lost ALL will power with you, as my mind went totally TOTALLY blank---and it was wonderful. I couldn't think, and I literally was paralyzed.

Length: 31 minutes

Contains : Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Whispers, Background Music, Cum Command

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This is a very trancetic cum file that reminds me of my first masturbation as a kid. I try to resist but my fantasy girl wants me to blow my load. Thank you, beautiful Enchantress for an erotic good time that I know will become a nasty habit

Les Appleton

Another session sensually addictive lured by a siren captured and paralysed then taken on a voyage through the emerald green waters finally reunited with Enchantress Esmeralda and welcomed back to her special care

Les Appleton