Ivy´s Dungeon
Hello Darling, in this file we will have some fun together.
I will lead you deep down into a deep, deep trance, and you will meet me in my private and secret rooms, in my dungeon.
And you will be at my will, at all times, and then we will explore the greyzone, the zone between joy, and pain. 
Little sluts like want to get teased and tortured endlessly, riding thru the grey zone on a wave of pleasure. 
Right on the edge, where a lil bit more pressure makes the difference between a treat to a torture.
This file is very long and you should take care you are well lubed, even if you will not cum while listening, but later....
File lenght: 55 min
including background music, soft whispers and brainwaives
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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Poison Ivy
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