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Enjoy the erotic hypnosis of KIismet Video, HQ productionis of femdom hypnosis.

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Stiff as a Board

Check out the details below. But first, take a peek at the poster in full size and full quality by clicking the link below The poster is a VERY accurate picture of what takes place in this audio session. "Stiff as a Board", is the first official audio production from KismetVideo/Mesmerix. It is a VERY erotic ride. Your beautiful hypnotist, named Auberon, comes to you in the night and mesmerizes you with her sultry voice and magical spinning eyes. She stiffens your naked body from head to toe and straddles your face continuing to hypnotize you with her undulating hips. Once you reach the boiling point she allows you to join in her fun and the both of you will cum together in a fantastic and very erotic climax! The production values are fantastic, and the script by Laurie Schure, sets a new bar for Mesmerix in terms of erotic content. Please check out the audio sample and see for yourself. "Stiff as a Board" is just a little over 37 minutes long, and it's on sale now for only $26.95

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You won't pleasure yourself anymore. I will put a virtual Chastitybelt on you. But I give you the freedom to choose your own keyholder. Deltawaves, triggers, effects,Trance, Countdown (8:29)
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