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Krystal Mesmer

Krystal Mesmer
  • About MeI'm a highly skilled, certified hypnotist. I love leading each of my client-companions into a state of sensual stimulation via soothingly salubrious suggestion.

    I assure you our special time of our lives together will be entertaining, exciting, MEMORABLE and perhaps even MORE!
    Each and every session is all about mutual pleasure. My rapture, responsibility, and reward are helping you feel comfortable as we explore and eagerly indulge your specific UNLEASHED FANTASY DESIRES. 

    Let yourself ponder and imagine what I have to give you during a timeless tête-à-tête. 
    I'm sure your delectable desires will compel you to CONTACT ME (sooner or later) to schedule our "close encounter" of the most MEMORABLE AND MESMERIZING kind!! 
    If an in-person get together is not possible for you then you can see, hear and feel My feminine power possess you by going to my website http://ladymesmer.com. I hope you take the time to look through my website and see what­9;s waiting for you. There are Hypnotic Stories, mesmerizing Pictures, captivating DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO AND AUDIO FILES. Each and every thing you'll find on my site is caringly and carefully created to simultaneously soothe and stimulate you. I work hard every day in every ethical and enjoyable way to offer you the finest Hypnotic and Erotic Fantasy content available anytime and anywhere..." 

  • What started my hypnosis interestWhat started my hypnosis interest: I vividly remember my first emerald eyes-opening experience with Erotic Hypnosis. My then boyfriend showed me a Showtime VIDEO of a famous lady hypnotist named Pat Collins. Well, she had a group of gentleman onstage, and she coaxed some sexy reactions from them that seemed impossible! I was instantly *VERY intrigued* about the power of the mind, and the potential of Erotic Mesmerism. So my boyfriend and I decided to do some harmless experimenting together with Erotic Hypnosis. 

    Some of my many interests are-
    Fantasy role playing ex. - Seduction scenarios, EX. mature woman/younger man 
    Fetish play - ex. Foot Worship 
    Erotic hypnosis, Playful mind games, and more! 
    Behavior Modification 
    Tease & Denial 
    Pleasurable Nipple Stimulation 
    Sensuous Interrogation 
    And much more!
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze in
  • Cuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis, Self-Help Hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis, Financial Domination
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Video Files, Live Sessions