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Lady Radiance

Lady Radiance

Welcome to My realm of
pleasurable and so enjoyable
erotic hypnosis.

erotic hypnosis

I suppose you can say that I have two sides to My hypnotic and playful personality -
The first one is Lady Radiance and “the other” is Dark Goddess.
I’m sure that, if you stick around, you’ll get to know both of them :)

I also suppose that you can say that every person has a light and a dark side,
and I'd agree with that. I found My darker side through My erotic hypnosis work
a few years ago, and I quite like not being so "nice" all the time.

Lady Radiance tends to be the more caring and gentle and softer side,
whereas the Dark Gddess takes first and asks questions later, and if you don't like it,
that's just too damn bad :)

LadyRadiance.com became a reality in 2004. I wasn't sure if this was just a fase I was going through,
where I believed I was really good at this and could pull it off and go onto getting paid for My work,
or if it was something that deserved ALL My love and attention. The answer came, I think,
in the form of a gift: My spiritual mentor gave Me money for My domain and said: "Fly and Believe".

And I have flown and I have believed ever since :) I enjoy the subtle in hypnosis more than the explicit.
Rarely do I ever mention those truly sexual body parts by name in very many of My sessions,
I don't feel the need. You know where you throb for Me, and you know which part of your
body becomes tense and hard for Me, I don't need to pain a picture for you. I do like to say
FUCK YEAH, tho and I mean it when I say it.

I am dominant, yes - but not the kind of dominant who is totally unapproachable.
I sincerely hope you enjoy My work and should you have any comments or compliments,
pass them along to Me via


Important Info:

Keep in mind, as you go through My archive, that all files in the "Dark Goddess Loop" collection
are anywhere from 5-7 minutes and they were meant to be looped, either during the day or night,
some can even be used at any time of the day or night, really.

Keep this in mind also: If you should notice the word “Archive” printed out under some of the
file content, this means that A) Either the session is split into sections or B) The session is offered in
more than one version, including brainwave technology. Each session is appearing as
a .zip format which makes it easy for you to access all versions / all sections.

Should you have any issues with or questions regarding My store and/or My files, make sure to
contact Me, even if you want to rant and rave about how wonderful, seductive and absolutely
I am (*lol*), feel free to e-mail Me at lrcheckout@gmail.com


Goddess Lady Radiance




Dark Goddess Loop - 3D .mp3

The Dark Goddess is at it again in Her very own wicked way :)

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Dark Goddess Loop - Always .mp3

The Dark Goddess is already part of your mind

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Dark Goddess Loop - Attached .mp3

Dark Goddess has you deeply attached and craving Her power.

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Dark Goddess Loop - Between The Sheets .mp3

Between the sheets is one hot session - check it out :)

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Dark Goddess Loop - Drip .mp3

I've been told that this is almost shockingly addictive and intensely sensual ... I'd have to agree :)

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Dark Goddess Loop - Fall Into .mp3

Fall ....fall straight into My voice and stay there because it feels good.

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Dark Goddess Loop - Fixated .mp3

The most natural thing in the world would have to be ...becoming fixated on your Dark Goddess

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Dark Goddess Loop - Hush .mp3

So many things in this life that you want ....but there's nothing you want more than to liten to My voice.

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