Lollipop Whisper Mind Fuck Loop HD

Lollipop Whisper Mind Fuck Loop HD

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova
It feels sooo good just watching your Goddess Zenova, so amazing. Watching while I’m sucking…..Watching that lollipop going in and out, makes you feel so excited doesn’t it? I know it does. Watch Me as a suck and lick over and over. It’s the most amazing feeling, letting the excitement build and build as you watch Me sucking, wishing and dreaming that it wasn’t the lollipop that was in My mouth. I will take you to the edge and hold you there endlessly, teasing you, fucking your mind so hard as you watch this over and over so I can tease and Torment you with the most amazing pleasure. This clip is designed to play on a loop so you can enjoy being in this state as long as you desire.

This clip includes *intense edging *tease and denial *mind fuck *spiral overlay *subliminal messages for increased arousal *brainwave entrainment for sexual stimulation and endorphin release *ASMR whispers *light music *designed to loop -all to increase your pleasure and excitement
This video does not have a traditional induction but it you have watched any of My videos in the past that do this one will trigger you into a deep trance. If you have not watched My other real trance videos this will still put you in a light trance and will still give you just as much pleasure

*listen with headphones for greatest effect*

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