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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

You love watching My shiny, slippery vinyl, don’t you? As you stare into the abyss of my vinyl catsuit, you are drawn deeper into my spell of seduction. You may even begin to notice an acute surge of desire, entwined within the distorted reflections of My latex catsuit. At some point, it becomes impossible to look away, as your attention and thoughts focus on my shiny, vinyl catsuit.

This is a very gentle, alluring mesmerizing audio recording where I have layered 3 tracks. While the recording is in stereo, you will also hear My voice, speaking directly into your submissive ear, in one channel, for a more, intimate effect.

Contains: Multi-layered voice tracks, background music. Does not contain a count up, so the file can be a continuous loop.

Length: 22 minutes


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Again one of my favourites: staring and looking enldlessly to Her shiny heels or vinyl clad legs or ass..and that is exactly what She wants me to do. At the same time hearing Her voice telling me why..lovingly, caring, wicked.