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Madame Jade Paris

Madame Jade Paris

Hello, I am Madame Jade Paris and I am here to control your mind.

I’m a certified hypnotist specializing in sexy, erotic hypnosis.
Be sure to check out My video/audio files and prepare to become addicted.
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"FUCKTOY Exploited"
Follow My words as I make you empty and obedient. A mindless submissive trance.

I will take over your mind and do all the thinking. You no longer need to think. Simply allow your subconscious mind to open up as I drop you into a sexual submission. My good long induction will drop you so deep as the sound of My voice makes you tingle.
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**VERBAL CANDY ** VIDEO Version Programmed to be MY slave
Included in this file: Sexy video, cleavage, elllegant mesmerizing bling, arousal beat, background instructions, two layers of main voice, trigger, snaps, and background musical tones. Verbal Candy.

If you are submissive and love mind control, I invite you to reach out to Me and listen to this file.

I want you to relax and take a deep breath as I control you and open your mind. I will feed you suggestions and you will follow without even thinking about it.
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Boogie Trance - Boobie Drone Elegant visuals, layers of tracks, two main narratives ( to get you good and confused), a bewitching subliminal, binaural arousal beat, Topless flashes, countdown, original atmospheric music,…
Spiral and crystal Induction, imagery, deepener, cum countdown and bobbie trigger. Blue hair, nails, corset.
Spicy true Hypnosis. Always wear headphones and lie down and relax. Take some slow deep breaths and enjoy. My voce will tease you and you will want to surrender and touch yourself for me. Your eyes will feel heavy and relaxed as you sink deep into a relaxing trance. My voice flowing all through your body as you become more and more relaxed. So at ease, going deeper and deeper. Listen as I count down…. stare into my eyes. You will have no worries at all and your thoughts will be ever so light. All you have to do is follow and obey….no resistance.
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BOUND by your Mistress
AUDIO ONLY - MP3 - A relaxing, sexy bondage mindscape.
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This file is dark and sexy with background textures, 4 layers of sexy dominant guidance and of course cleavage.  
You will surrender your mind and your subconscious.  I am going to tease you in a variety of ways and you will ache to touch your cock.  You will submit and give in to the temptation ONLY when I command you to.  You will be deeply in trance and will surrender for your Mistress.
You may only touch when there is nothing left of your mind.   There’s something beautifully elegant about surrendering your control to your Mistress.  You will go deep, follow and obey Me,  It feels so liberating to be free from all earthly constraints.  
Relax and let everything go.   Listen to My voice as I conquer your mind.   Your body is nothing but a distraction from the beauty of your obedient mind.   
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Crimson Seduction - Femdom Hypnotic Control

Five mesmerizing layers, abstract sounds, count downs, progressive relaxation, subliminals, arousing binaural beats and of course my video image. Relax and surrender…..freedom from the outside world. Owned and controlled by the most powerful hypnotic Goddess, Madame Jade Paris. A nice long, seductively layered induction that will drop you into a deep submissive mind melt. It’s okay to let your eyes close and just go with it…. I’m near you, surrounding you and you will feel my presence as I embrace you, taking your mind and leaving nothing left. Your mind will open up as all five layers of my control penetrate your subconscious. Your Mistress owns your body! You will be programmed and trigger minded as you melt into nothingness.

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CRYSTAL BLUE - Complete Brainwashing
This file includes: A very powerful induction, a progressive relaxation, a countdown to cum, double tracks and a binaural beat. Finger snapping trigger.


Crystal Blue - Brainwashed by your Mistress

Owned, programmed, and brainwashed to be Madame’s pleasure toy.

This file will take you so deep, you will be relaxed beyond belief. I’m sure of it because as I played it back, it took Me to a deeply relaxed state. When My own files affect Me, I know they are good!

Relaxed, brainwashed, deeper than ever.
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Cock Control - Cum for your Mistress. You will have to be patient as Madame speaks to you and puts you into a trance. Going deeper, drifting, relaxing, touching your cock for My entertainment. Craving a release, you desire to please your Mistress,

Spiral, crystal induction, subliminal, background brain programming, binaural theta arousal beat, countdown, trigger.

you will be instructed, and you must obey. As you relax and go under you will mindlessly stoke you cock and your subconscious will take over and you will turn into Madame's cock stroking puppet.

you are focusing on Madame's voice and as I ask you questions, you answer. Start, Stop, and Obey. It is all about My pleasure. Crave, slave!!

Feeling so good, teasing you to the "edge", but don't go over. It feels good to obey without thoughts, pushing yourself to the edge for Me. A deep and blissful calm will come over you.

Surprise trigger at the end.

Hope You enjoy My dominance over you.

Madame Jade Paris
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DARK MISTRESS - EroticMindScape
Your dark, witchy Mistress takes you on a drama filled sound escape…

***Enjoy a cocktail, Light a candle, turn out all your lights and lie on your bed.....take some deep relaxing breaths…All that will be left of you is an open recipient mind….owned by Madame Jade.

**footsteps, a scream, rain, wind, a cat screech, a creaking door, a heartbeat, a ticking clock, a swarm of bees….and haunting whispers..

You can’t move, you are dropping in to a night terror of lust as I command you to touch!

Drift and Drop into the deep depths of the unknown.…feel my verbal embrace…
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Delicious Addiction - Addicted to My Voice
Complete addiction starts here!

If you are new to hypnosis or new to my files you will need to listen to this erotic, relaxing audio.

***Go ahead and let your eyes close because it is the voice that is the most important part of this file.

If you are currently one of my hipppno pets, you should listen to this once per week to reinforce that addiction.

Once you are addicted to my control, you will move on to my “fucktoy” series.

This file introduces you to an induction that will relax and drop you deep. Once addicted to my control, you will become my cock stroking puppet and your orgasms will be amazing and owned by Me, your Mistress.
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Erotic Hypnotic Kiss
Imagine the sharpness of my shiny fingernail as it drags down the side of your body.
it’s becoming too hard to think, so why even try? Your thoughts simply melt away as you follow My silky words. “ kiss”
Now you have no choice…feels so good to obey and give up control…. and you trust your Mistress.

Now your whole body feels sexual and sweet as I blow you a kiss. You want to take it further. There is one simple command that gives you permission to do so “drop” and you become blank, empty and obedient.
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FRACTAL ECSTASY - Femdom JOI Fractionation
Fractal Ecstacy

A long, slow induction with fractionation, TOTAL ESCAPE, layers of commanding voice, ambient textures, countdowns, progressive relaxation, joi, crystal and spiral images, intoxicating edit.

Relax and prepare to go deep into trance as I drop you into fractal ecstasy. Floating free, your mind and body will separate as you remain attached to My virtual leash.

you will float as you follow My words and your body becomes weightless.

Your body will tingle with desire as you relax and drop with ease under My gifted control.

Wake, drop, wake, drop…… so deeply confused, your mind completely detaches from your body, making you a mindless, programmable slave to My suggestions.

Free of gravity and frictions, you drop, spiraling into that ecstatic fractal.
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