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Madame Jade Paris

Madame Jade Paris

Hello, I am Madame Jade Paris and I am here to control your mind.

I’m a certified hypnotist specializing in sexy, erotic hypnosis.
Be sure to check out My video/audio files and prepare to become addicted.
TWITTER:  @EroMindScapes 


Mindless FuckToy - Part 1

You will be My mindless plaything, to use as I see fit.   Spiral induction with countdown and subliminals, background ambient textures.  

Madame Jade speaks to you and you listen and obey.  h
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Mindless Fucktoy - Part 2

Brainwashing, programming, becoming a mindless fucktoy for Me, your Mistress.   Commands, conditioning, triggers, subliminal, arousing binaural beats, original background sounds, snaps, sexy breast visuals, blue hair, boots, controlling your mind.  Spiral induction.  Listen and venture in to becoming my slave.  Loop it an prepare to become addicted and owned.

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Hypnosis Handsfree with Long Induction

This is my first handsfree file.  This one starts out with a long induction (about 12 minutes). it includes trigger words: sleep, stroke.... There is a staircase countdown and a spiral crystal view. Fingersnaps, post hypnotic suggestion, arousal trigger and traditional trance elements. Femdom cock control, enjoy! 

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Relax and let go....Medical Exploration

Become mindless with this relaxing induction with spiral.    Dr. Madame Jade teasing you.  

Relax and breath while Madame Jade takes over your body and mind. 

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Obedience Sleep File.... AUDIO ONLY.
Listen and relax with Madame's voice before you go to sleep.   This file has two layers of My narritive voice, one undertone, light texture tunes and a low theta beat.  You will seep and become My mindless, obedient slave/sub.
This is pure relaxation to sleep.   
THIS IS AUDIO ONLY.   ALWAYS wear headphones.
Madame Jade 
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Spiral Induction

**NOTICE** This is an arousal INDUCTION ONLY with a Spiral for viewing*** It is good to listen to an induction everyday in order to get your mind prepped for quick trance. I need you to be able to relax and go under easy for Me. Included: Progressive relaxation, Spiral, countdown, binaural arousal beat. ONCE AGAIN: INDUCTION ONLY. Thank you, M Jade

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Cock Control - Cum for your Mistress. You will have to be patient as Madame speaks to you and puts you into a trance. Going deeper, drifting, relaxing, touching your cock for My entertainment. Craving a release, you desire to please your Mistress, Spiral, crystal induction, subliminal, background brain programming, binaural theta arousal beat, countdown, trigger. you will be instructed, and you must obey. As you relax and go under you will mindlessly stoke you cock and your subconscious will take over and you will turn into Madame's cock stroking puppet. you are focusing on Madame's voice and as I ask you questions, you answer. Start, Stop, and Obey. It is all about My pleasure. Crave, slave!! Feeling so good, teasing you to the "edge", but don't go over. It feels good to obey without thoughts, pushing yourself to the edge for Me. A deep and blissful calm will come over you. Surprise trigger at the end. Hope You enjoy My dominance over you. Madame Jade Paris

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Fucktoy Virus & Humping induction

This file is for My most devoted hypno slaves. It is to be listened to before My two other files: fucktoy 1 & 2. This file starts with a humping induction. I want you to relax and focus on the rhythm of your movement. Humping back and forth for your Mistress becomes easier and easier as you listen to My commands. Two layers of my voice will put you into a trance without a doubt. There is also a subliminal layer that will be picked up by your subconscious mind. Let yourself go completely for Me and do as I command. Rubbing and humping back and forth, becoming mindless, and relaxed yet aroused. The more you thrust the better you will feel, surrendering to the need and deep cravings mindlessly... just the way I like you. Once you are into trance I invade your psyche and implant a "fucktoy virus" into your mind. You will be programmed and become obsessed with becoming My fucktoy. This is a very hypnotic work of art and I want you to fall hard and go deep. When I ask you a question, I want you to answer it. As you listen to My haunting voice, you will lose your grip on reality. You will be My FUCKTOY, so hard and so simple... mindlessly, rock hard while letting go of all inhibitions. This is true programming, manipulative and skillfully delicious. Included in this file: My personal video, two layers of My Goddess voice plus one programming subliminal that is only audible to your subconscious mind. A binaural theta arousal beat and hypnotic background sounds. Only those who want to be My ultimate fucktoy and be programmed should get this file. Always wear headphones and enjoy. xoxoxo Madame Jade Paris

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