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Marquesa de Sade

Marquesa de Sade
  • About MeI feel PASSIONATE pleasure when a submissives expression reveals eagerly willing *HYPNOTIC SURRENDER* to lust-fully worshipping Me.
    your powerfully hedonistic hunger for Me TRANCE forms you into My thrilled puppet helpless-before-Me!

    your *UNLEASHED DESIRE* to worship, obey and SURRENDER to Me is all good and all things fulfilling!

    SINCERE DEVOTION excites Me each time I allow a scrumptious submissive slut slave share My wickedly wonderful world's devilishly decadent delights.
    E.G. getting *HYPNAPPED* [hypnotically taken] by Me.

    Know this is true-
    "We don't have to accept certain sex role assumptions male-dominated cultures try to pass along".
    A real man can be very submissive to Me!! And this exquisitely Dominant Woman is marvelously feminine.... 

    "Do you feel *WORSHIP OF THE MARQUESA* stirring your loins?" This reveals *GODDESS MARQUESA CONTROLS you.* 
    ­ My touching *WORDS OF SEDUCTION* are stimulating something SPECTACULAR within you!
    With Me in charge, you can successfully explore, embrace, enjoy, and enhance your yearnings to sensuously succumb, surrender, and submit to GENUINELY DESERVING WondorDominatrix Marquesa!

    Get ready! Slide into the tantalizing truth that *GODDESS MARQUESA BRAINWASHES you*!

    you're relaxingly resting so comfortably in a soothingly sensual chamber. My riveting Emerald Eyes and feminine allure invitingly hold much more than your mesmerized gaze in helpless fascination. 
    Ahhhh! the pulsing, electric rhythm of My heart beats with carnal appetites. 
    Do you hear it?
    I control your ensorcelled attention, My arousing, sensual control penetrates *DEEPER AND DEEPER*.

  • What started my hypnosis interestA desire for power and control, of course! :)
  • I would describe my induction style as
  • Describe My induction style. Well I'd say..Delightfully decadent!
    I am so beyond irresistible.... you have no idea slave boy!
    You got that?! OR -- slut toy, do I need to come over there and kick your ass. lol
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inCuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis, Self-Help Hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis, Financial Domination
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Video Files, Livesessions

Marquesas Voice

FREE (Audio Book)

About this file:

When a trigger is activated, power is unleashed.  I witch-crafted sagaciously salacious "MARQUESA'S VOICE" because:
+  "MARQUESA'S VOICE" voluptuously reveals the most potent and profound trigger I've ever employed and I'll ever!lastingly exercise exquisitely over you in intoxicatingly ensorcelling ecstasy.
+  I decided "MARQUESA'S VOICE" is a *free hypno-prize for all of you* because this priceless treasure alluringly assists Me as I influence, control, dominate, and inspire you with the most effective titillations trigger that's mesmerizing you in all My wonderizingly hypnotic recordings.
+  "MARQUESA'S VOICE" unveils more about how I hedonistically relaxnotize, passionately wonderize, and pleasurably mesmerize you showcasing My best trigger ever.
+  And "MARQUESA'S VOICE" spellbindingly shows it's good for you to become Mine by sensuously and sincerely submitting yourself to obeying "MARQUESA'S VOICE".






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A Dance into Ecstasy
My 3 dreamy bare breasted dancers alluringly move you soporifically into sleepier sleepiness. Just look at their lovely legs! I make My hypno-tantalized pet yearn to please Me masturbate and ejaculate.
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Tonight is our night for Sound play as I take the long stainless steel instrument and sensuously, ever so gently and erotically thread it up your urethra for the pleasure of the audience. Then I strike My tuning fork . . . GIVING WONDERFULLY INTENSE SENSATIONS to your mind and body that science and nature never intended . . . and that come the morning, you will never remember—but forever feel

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Be A Good Neighbor
Drawn to two irresistible beauties.
Sexy blonde and brunette in bikini's hypnotize, and seduce you.
Pleasures and suggestive posthypnotic commands make you Mine!
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I command you to "BELIEVE these facts."

After you buy My BELIEVE video:

  • you will stare at Dahlia in RED hot STOCKINGS.
  • My sexy voice suggestively commands your obedience will arouse pleasures for our threesome.
  • My red high heels and silky stockings really show off My eye-catching legs are crossed and crossing your stimulated mind.
  • you can answer this question, "Which is more mesmerizing you, uncovering Dahlia's breasts or the wonderizingly intricate green and black swirl?"
  • Of course you'll be ENTHRALLED BY PLEASURE while and after a swinging pendant draws you into My cleavage.
  • your virtual intimacy with young and fresh Dahlia will feel absolutely erotic and enthralling!
  • ONE SURPRISE in this video has the power to make your pleasure grow as often as you crave stimulation!

37+ Minutes

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Between Two Turn-Ons
you're virtually kissing, licking, and suckling My BEWITCHING BOSOMS or My LUSCIOUS LEGS or both!
Keep your eyes on beautiful Mistress Julie's luscious HOTT!-HOOTERS as she bares Her titillating tits
Let your vision rest on sensuous Mistress Mariah's slinky legs in those silky, sheer Enchanted Nylons and an innocent-looking schoolgirl skirt. Can you choose between them and completely obey My posthypnotic suggestions?
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Captured by the Web

A wantonly wicked web in which you shall see Me in black satin gloves and black silk stockings in a gothic stle very low cut dress capturing and spellbinding you.
37 Mins, 527 Megs

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Cigar SensualiTease

Watch sexy PVC dressed alluring amazon Julie!
Bare breasted blonde Julie hypnotically lights your passions by seductively smoking Her mystical, magical big cigar.
Sexy masturbation companions arouse My potent posthypnotic suggestions for you!

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Compelled into Slavery Deep Surrender

How do posthypnotic  suggestions, magazines revealing sexy sirens, induced amnesia, and your mind's mesmerized parts merge into a vortex OF SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION add to you being COMPELLED INTO SLAVERY? And when will you Hypnotic RELEASE and cum at My command? See Mistress Mariah carnally reveal how much deeper and deeper She's COMPELLED INTO SLAVERY by Me too.

So many questions!.....your unleashed desire for leg spell fantasy answered ONLY by watching COMPELLED INTO SLAVERY.

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I well-built this video to AROUSE and upsize your COMPULSION for self-pleasuring and masturbation.
Watching ‘exotique´ Dhalia's youthful, HOT!-bodied sexiness feeds your COMPULSION for stimulating yourself.

My irresistible posthypnotic  suggestions ENLARGE your COMPULSION for pleasuring yourself, and increase your pleasures each time you obey.
your COMPULSION to obey Me is, and feels, better each time you DO IT!

Mistress Julie REVEALS MORE! Than her COMPULSION to help Me make you release when I give the words of seduction.

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ElectroEyes Enslave you

  Mesmerizingly yield your self-control as you mindlessly stare deeper and deeper into the beautiful Electro Blue inviting eyes of one of My wickedest sirens of seduction decadently dancing her way into your blank brain.

MARQUESA'S "ELECTRO-EYES ENSLAVE you" hypnotically fulfills your dreams come true with Our passionate pleasures, My persuasively pervasive powers and physical presence (on the screen)

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Kiss of The Keyholder (your New Life Begins)

I overtake you in hand like never before in this chastity belt hypnotic audio. After telling you of the wonderific effect of this super-powerful audio, I give you the opportunity to "LEAVE" the potent pleasures this spellbinding recording activates. Then there's such a smooth induction, it may make your mouth water. And if that hasn't done it, the passionate "Kiss of the KEYHOLDER" [AKA Mistress Marquesa} is breathtaking!

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Lust Legs and Loyalty
Thanks to your unstoppable LUST!, a topless hottie's hypno-hooters and My simply irresistible LEGS thrilling you spellbound, My wicked dreams of your LOYALTY to Me comes true! 36 Mins, 500 Megs
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