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Best  mature femdom sex fantasy you will find on the net.

 Mom boy and many other types roll play are fine as long as it never will be done in real, because it truly is wrong. Mom boy Roll play like this works on the level of doing something you are so not supposed to do. That is the point in kink. To stray as far from old fassioned most of your cloths on missionary position with the lights out sex as possible. In other words as kinky or dirty as possible and the farther you stray the more taboo or erotic this mom boy fantasy is and thus more of a turn on. Mom or mommy means mature and experienced woman. So, mom boy roll play is not so much of a "Wow I really want to fuck my mom" thing as it is a "Oh so naughty! I can't belive this mom boy fantasy is happening" kind of thing. Hope this hepls some to understand the sexual psycology of this kind of thing. The fantasy to be seduced by an experienced mature woman, a fantasy that a young boy fuck a mature mom, a fantasy where he receive his first blowjob or simply getting a well done handjob while sucking on moms big boobs is really not seldom.


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Back to School

Back to school.

Hello, I am your new teacher, Mistress Ivy.

You are my new favorite pupil, willing to get to the top of the class by being obedient for me.

You want to be my good student but you make a mistake that you will have to be punished for.

You take your punishment very well,  so you will pass your first lesson with flying colours.

Welcome back to school.


47:03 min. Including background music and brainwaves.

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Bedtime With Auntie Sharon

Have you always had a thing for older women, especially when you were younger? Did you fantasize about a favorite aunt or even mommy tucking you in and slipping her hands under the covers and doing naughty things to you before bedtime to make sure you were properly relaxed and ready for sleep?

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Bedtime With Auntie Sharon 2
Auntie Sharon continues to teach her nephew all about masturbation in this naughty sequel to Bedtime With Auntie Sharon.
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Confessing To the Therapist
A shy, young man visits a therapist after a rather embarrassing incident with his mother. Being caught masturbating by mommy can send many a young man into an emotional tailspin.
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Confessing To the Therapist 2
Our young man makes a return visit to the therapist to let his therapist know how his masturbation is coming along and this time gets some masturbation instruction and the therapist pitches in and gives a helping hand.
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Die geile Lehrerin 1
Kannst du dich noch an deine Schulzeit erinnern? Vielleicht hattest auch do so eine verdammt geile Lehrerin, die deinen jungen Körper nur mit ihrer Anwesenheit komplett erregt und um den Verstand gebracht hat? Vielleicht hast du auch nur davon geträumt, dass sich die Vogelscheuche an der Tafel in eine solche Traumfrau verwandelt. Wie auch immer. In dieser Hypnose lernst du die neue Geographielehrerin Frau Müller kennen. Sie wird dir nicht nur Vergnügen bereiten, denn es ist ja doch recht peinlich, sich von einer Lehrerin so geil machen zu lassen und dann mit einem Riesenständer vor der ganzen Klasse stehen zu müssen. Sei aber versichert, dass dass dich die unfassbar geile Frau Müller für diese Peinlichkeit entschädigen wird. Nicht nur bekommst du eine tolle Motivation mehr Hauptstädte zu lernen, nein, sie wird dir in einer privaten Nachhilfestunde auch einen geilen Orgasmus bescheren.
Es wird wirklich Zeit mal wieder die Schulbank zu drücken. Der richtige Zeitpunkt hierfür ist definitiv JETZT und HIER!
Eine erotische Hypnose wie es purer kaum geht. Ohne technischen Schnick Schnack - nur meine Stimme und deine Lust.

46 Minuten
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Good Boy For Mommy - Mommies Pantie Boy
WARNING- - - - This file is highly addictive. Mommy will enslave you. And you will be mommies little stroker boy. All your cum will belong to me. Do you wanna cum for mommy?
In this part, mommy caught you fetching her used panties from the laundry. Caught in the act mommy lead you down into her private rooms, starting to tease you mindless. You will stroke your cock for mommy and pretend that all your cum belongs to mommy. You should have some satin or silk panties or a satin or silk scarf available, because you will need it in this session. Mmmhh, such a nice feeling when you softly stroke your cock with this fine fabric under my control. And as a good boy you will do anything mommy ask you to do. Smooth shaved cock is a big plus to enjoy this file to the fullest.
Nearly 40 Minutes of hot and kinky bliss and pleasure with your favorite mommy. Including brainwaves and soft background music
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Good boy for mommy - part 4 - Blowjob by mommy
This file will install a deep irreversible love and addiction to me, and only to me. I will lead you into a nice deep trance and you will get advice to stroke your cock for mommy, so be prepared to use a lot of lube before listening. Mommy wants you hard throbbing cock, and mommy will suck you dry.
Mommy will tease you mindless and as a reward you will receive a phantastic blowjob. You will feel my full and luscious lips sliding up and down your hard throbbing erection, and you will experience a mindblowing orgasm in the end. This file comes without an awakener in the end and you will slip into a deep sleep while you dream about your new and kinky mommy.
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Good boy for mommy- Mom boy fantasy part 1
WARNING- - - - This file is addictive. Mommy will enslave you. And you will be mommys little stroker boy. All your cum will belong to me. Do you wanna cum for mommy? I will lead you into a nice deep trance and mommy will take all your worries away, come to mommy lay down you head in mommys lap. Mommy will take care of you, mommy will take care of all your needs, and when mommy says all your needs, she means it.
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Good Little Boy - 3 month old baby
In this file Sister Dolores will be all alone with you. She will lead you into a very, very deep trance and start to play her wicked games with you.
You want to feel like a baby boy.
You want to act like a baby boy.
And she will help you to make this happen. 
She will install a trigger in your mind, an on and off switch, so you will be able to switch into baby mode whenever you want.
You will  feel save and protected like a 3 month old baby. Forget all worries, just feel free to behave like a baby.
You can choose to turn on “Baby Mode” whenever you want, whenever it is appropriate for you to do so. 
This is the primary goal, to act and feel like a real baby.  
You will act, and feel like a real baby when in, “Baby Mode”, and it is appropriate to do so.
Sister Dolores is going to leave her cute, drooling baby sucking his thumb, and wet, and mess his pants or diapers.
You will be a baby, completely in baby mode. 
Sister Dolores’s little boy.
You will stay in baby mode as long as it is safe, until the timer reaches time, until it is time to revert to normal.
 Maybe baby is going to drift away,  to sleep and dream, his little baby dreams.
The duration of this File is 56:10 min. It contains soft background Music, Sound effects and Brainwaves.
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Hypno Cougar

Are you a younger man that fantasizes about being seduced by a sex, older woman? Do you want to make a cougar purr? Then this audio is for you.

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Mistress Mommy

   Mistress Mommy is everything you love about My Satin files, without the satin and without the feminization .. but with ALL the Humiliation and Control! Just My voice and My powerful words commanding you to be My zombie, bimbo whore, My slut puppet on a string, as I expertly maneuver you for My perverse pleasure and amusement.

Length:  45 minutes

Contains:  Progressive relaxation Induction, Humiliation, Cum Command, Finger snap, Drumming, Background music, 3 layers of My voice and My control, Breath sounds.  No count up, can be used as a loop, no feminization.

TESTIMONIAL:  the perfect mix of authority, eroticism, sensuality and strict domination...but what could be flawed when Divine Enchantress Esmeralda blesses it with Her Magical Touch? thank You Divine Enchantress, such a bliss falling under Your Control and mindlessly obeying Your Commands!

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