Mesmerized - Succubus Fantasy

Mesmerized - Succubus Fantasy

Mesmerized - Succubus Fantasy

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova

Have you ever heard that you can summon a succubus? Well in this video your succubus has arrived and she mesmerizes you to feel ultimate pleasure because a succubus collects cum and she wants to relieve you of all of yours. Watch video of your Succubus Goddess Zenova as you listen to layers of sound including whispers, echoes, music and brainwave entrainment. She puts you in a deep trance to program you to be her cum slave, needing to stroke and cum for her everyday. You will even have dreams about her visiting you and draining all your cum. You will become addicted to her voice, eyes, lips and breasts getting incredibly hard every time you see them. Every time you watch and cum for her your orgasm will get more and more intense taking you to new levels of ecstasy. When she is finished you will be her slave forever! (the subject matter is fantasy but this is very much a REAL TRANCE video) To increase the depth of the trance and get the most effect please listen with headphones. This was a custom video MP4 43 minutes

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