Milk & Honey

Find yourself lulled into a deep trancetic state by staring at Amethyst's toes as they sway back.... and forth. Once you have surrendered to Her trance, She will program your mind with the Trigger word of "Deep". Each and every time Mistress Amethyst uses the word "Deep", you will slip under Her trance deeper than before.

She will then bring you up, and then back down twice, while testing out the effect that it has on you. And if you are a very good boy, you just might become Her favorite play thing. Slip even deeper under her control as you suckle on Her breasts to drink Her nourishing milk.

And best of all, you will get to lick and worship Her sex to taste Her sweet honey, all while She takes control over you.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal trancetic programming, guided relaxation and trancetic programming from Amethyst. Includes lactation and oral worship

40 Minute MP3

A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst
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