Mind Fuck Mantra 3 - "Spend My Money, Mistress"

Mind Fuck Mantra 3 - "Spend My Money, Mistress"

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

I’ve created this financial domination, Mind Fuck Mantra file, for my boys who get that very special tingle when they tribute me. I’m sure you know the tingle I’m talking about - that burst of arousal knowing that your tribute is going right into my hands and I will do with it what I please….. That has such an erotic appeal to you, doesn’t it?

This trancetic mind fuck file is to strengthen that desire, as well as the erotic sensation you feel when you hand your money over to me. Be a good boy for me; drop into trance and repeat your mantras like a good boy should. I have a set of mantras for you that I want you to repeat over & over. These mantras will have you aching to reserve a portion of your paycheck for me. You will get quite a thrill when doing so.

These mantras will also magnify the arousal and horny ache that you experience when you hand your money over to me. And when you say "Please spend my money, Mistress", not only will your cock get so very hard, but you will make Mistress horny as well. Mmmm yes, Mistress gets so very horny when you desperately hand over tributes.

While you are being a very good boy and repeating your mantras, I will be mind fucking you in the background. This mind fuck will taunt & tease you with how horny my pussy gets when I spend your money. I love when you pick up the tab for my manicures, pedicures, shopping, fine dining, and all kinds of pampering. Your consistent payroll tributes contribute to all of my needs, and I love it. I get off on it. It makes my panties wet when I get to spend your money. Oh, how I LOVE to spend your money!! And let's face it, boy... you love it too!

Features: Multi voice track programming, layered voice tracks, mantras, financial domination programming. Count up at the end. Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2015.

Listen at your own risk - file contains financial domination suggestions, but allows you to decide what size of a portion you will set aside each payday. By purchasing this file, you agree to accept all financial risks that may come with this programming.

35 Minutes



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Absolutely divine. Cannot stop listen to it ever and ever again. The more I listen to Mistress Amethyst's seductive voice and powerful mantras the more I feel the need to spend my money to Mistress Amethyst. Awesome!


Each days Mistress Amethyst change me into a more obedient boy, this recording has awakened a feeling deeply hided in my mind that is to work for her.
To go to work with this idea provokes in me an intense arrousal.
With this audio I feel like to please Mistress Amethyst, to make her life better and to cover her with presents, and also to thank her for the way she makes my life better.
Her mantras makes me work harder and i dédicace my job to her, life become simple I know why I live it’s to satisfy Mistress Amethyst.