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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Usually you're quite the mental juggler...able to keep track of so much information so much of the time...especially when your mind is functioning at the peak of its potential...but from time to time, you fall into a mental rut where your mind isn't as sharp as it had been...this is cyclical...you fluctuate from mental clarity to mental sluggishness and back again...some people can sustain this pristine focus for days, weeks or even months...but sooner or later, the mind wears down from too much clutter...too much information being scattered around in your brain...things shift out of order...unintentionally your mind tires and misplaces this information...projects at work...your schedule...your family's schedule...your social calendar...all getting jumbled and out of whack...this happens to your computer as well, slave...and when it does, your computer fails to function at optimum capacity...things bog down and programs run slowly or they don't respond at all...the very same ones that had run so crisply and precisely not long ago...so you have to perform maintenance on your computer and part of doing that means running disk defragmentation...when you do this, your system is cleaned up and things run much more smoothly...much more efficiently, just as you wish it to...this session will do the same for you between the ears...a defrag for the sexier part of you...grouping the information closely together where things make more sense...it's a unique combination...a session that will condition you more deeply into My control while simultaneously serving the therapeutic purpose of helping to unclutter your mind by reorganizing the information into its proper storage spaces...as a result, listening to this recording when your mind is sluggish and inefficient will help your mind function at its optimum capacity...the effects can last for weeks or even months...do what's best for you, and know that I have your best interest at heart...time to clean up, slave...time for your defrag.

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