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Miss Emily Åström

Miss Emily Åström

She has been involved in the alternative and fetish scenes for many years, performing at major fetish events including Fetish Factory, Vancouver Fetish Weekend, and Cirque de Boudoir.  During her early teen years, she began learning kung fu, eventually growing to teach and perform choreographed weapons demonstrations and fights, discovering a passion for performing.  After moving to Florida in 2014, she exploded on the scene, enrapturing audiences with her own style of neo-burlesque, bellydance, fire spinning, and sword balancing acts.

As many photographers will testify, Emily is a highly professional, efficient, and skilled model with a great deal of experience in front of a camera as well as significant talent in the makeup department.  A quick look through her portfolio will demonstrate that she is capable of morphing like a chameleon, able to create and display virtually any look and feel.

A woman of many trades, she also works as a hypnotist/hypnotherapist during weekdays, holding a B.S. in Psychology and a C.Ht, practicing the art of trance on both a therapeutic and recreational basis.