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About Me

  • About MeI'm a HypnoDomme, writer, musician/percussionist and DJ...an agent of rhythm...My life's passions are hypnosis and music, and everything I do drips of either one or both...My style is always seductive, always commanding and always intense...I take exquisite delight in subtly manipulating and influencing your perceptions of reality...a deep believer in karma, I think it is My responsibility to have the wisdom to know the difference between what you want and what you need as a hypnotic subject and to engage accordingly so that I never lead you into or promote self-destructive behavior while still being as wickedly kinky as I want to be...
  • What started my hypnosis interestI've been interested since My pre-teens...cartoons...movies...TV shows...then hypnosis books...reading in the back of the library at 11 yrs. old trying to make My arms and legs tingle...
  • Who are some hypnotist I admireGoddess Marquesa
  • I would describe my induction style asHighly intuitive; a constantly morphing orb of Ericksonian, Confusion/Overload, NLP, Elman & Guided Visualization
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inFemdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Online Chatrooms, Niteflirt/Telephone, Instant Messenger

Contact Information

  • Yahoo Messenger Screennamejoannepip
  • Email Addressjoannepip@yahoo.com

Basic seduction

FREE Listening 

About this item:

Basic Seduction: Listen for FREE

This is your introduction to Mistress Joanne's uniquely intense form of psychological seduction...suggestions are safely stored deep within you so that your inevitable return will happen more enjoyably and profoundly...as you become more and more comfortable surrendering your will and relinquishing control to Mistress Joanne with each deliciously compelling repetition. (BASIC SEDUCTION MUST BE LISTENED TO FIRST BEFORE PURCHASING OTHER RECORDINGS) 





FREE Listening 

About this item:

Feminization: Listen for FREE

For so long, a duality has dwelled deep in the core of your very spirit...you have lived outwardly as the male in you...while secretly living inwardly as the female in you...she is rarely seen by others and sometimes even rarely seen by yourself...but Mistress Joanne sees her and you will find yourself drawn to Mistress Joanne's intensely feminine essence...you will feel Her overwhelmingly seductive and purely feminine energy flowing irresistibly into you...touching and filling...drenching and saturating you inside and out...if only for a little while, you embrace yourself as the woman you've always longed to be...free of inhibitions...so very sexy, submissive and slutty for Mistress Joanne always...each time you listen, the transformation takes a stronger hold upon your soul as you become whole.




A Slave-like Passion
Passion is to be invoked...passion is to be deeply felt...heard...lived...breathed...in this next installment of your deepening submission to My will, I begin to share with you some of My beliefs...some of My desires...as I disclose and subsequently demonstrate how we are all slaves to something or someone...
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Accidental Hypnosis
Yet another way to be collected and connected to the Collective...this is a bit of a history lesson and it all stemmed from a question asked by a submissive who hoped I would share whether or not I had ever accidentally hypnotized someone...
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Agent of Change
I have been demonstrating for some time how effortlessly I can not only control you in your fantasies, but affect change in your everyday reality...I have been and will continue to be an agent of change...I love to change your perception of the world around you...making you go inward to soak it all in...it amuses Me deeply to know that those who have listened to Devoted Fan will never look at a football game the same way ever again...I have quite literally reframed it for them and here is yet another example...of how I invade your everyday activities...
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Amusement Park Amnesia
On this trip to My amusement park, dreaminess finds you at every turn...your virtual trip thru this park will include a wide variety of intoxicating experiences...
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Anatomy Of The Submissive Psyche
We as humans are creatures of habit...we tend to repeat certain routines and follow certain external cues that help to structure these routines...but often these patterns are dictated and mapped out far beneath the surface of your consciousness...here, I take the time to cut to the quick and demonstrate to you just HOW well I DO know you...and how you tick...when you need release...how the patterns begin to emerge and you may know it's coming, that submissive wave...that irrepressible urge...the one you cannot stop and needn't bother even trying...by explaining how your patterns work internally I allow you to feel so free that you can experience both the mind/body connection and then the mind/body disconnection...
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Anticipation Anesthesia
I'm sure it's happened to you before...you've purchased one of My recordings and are waiting patiently for it to download...or...you have an upcoming one-on-one session in less than 30 minutes...I understand that during this time, the nerves can get the best of you...you can cut the tension with a knife...the level of anticipation is intense, in fact, utterly palpable...impossible to deny...with that in mind, I've created a session that will effectively monopolize that anticipation...
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Some people think of an ashtray as filthy or stinky...I think of an ashtray as an object...a hollow receptacle to be filled for My pleasure...some people think of a slave as an object...an Owned object...and so do I...so it stands to reason that I have plans for you, My smoke slave...in this session, My sultry smoky voice and imagery will take you so deep that I empty your mind completely of nonsense...things like thought and volition...unnecessary for My purposes to put it bluntly...once I have you open and hollow, you BECOME a receptacle, with no other purpose than to be filled...
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Aural Fetish
Countless times I've been told by submissives that I have the most hypnotic voice they've ever heard...and that it is so distinctively and sensuously hypnotic that I need do nothing more than read the phone book to hypnotize them...and I am always finding new ways to take you to old familiar places...and not so familiar places...so, with that thought in the forefront of My mind, this mp3 is targeted at the listener with a voice or aural fetish...

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Have you ever felt the desire to feel other than human? Do you ever wish you could just think, act and feel like a barbie doll? Does the thought of being transformed into a shell of your former self excite you? Are you wishing to have your flesh shape shift into cool hard plastic? It might feel good to be empty and hollow and it may bring out the most in your submissive desires to no longer even feel human...
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There are many male slaves who have a secret desire...for their significant other to be lured into My sensuously seductive web...where he cannot help but set the trap for her to fall right into...
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Basic Seduction
This is your introduction to Mistress Joanne's uniquely intense form of psychological seduction...suggestions are safely stored deep within you so that your inevitable return will happen more enjoyably and profoundly...
          • femdom hypnosis
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Behind The Eight Ball
In this fantasy session, I lure you to a party under false pretenses and take yet another opportunity to uniquely intensify your submissive training... once I have you alone in the rec room, we'll shoot a harmless game of pool with a friendly wager...
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