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Mistress Leslie

I am asked how I got started with hypnosis and I have to say it was a natural progression from vanilla phone sex, then to domination, and then a side step to hypnosis. I had practiced guided meditation, occultism, and other new age practices from a very early age and so that hypnosis was a very organic fit for me. I took formal classes, read books, and simply practiced hypnosis until one day while doing domination sessions hypnosis just seemed to kind of take over. Now I am pleased to be able to create, and produce hypnosis mp3 sessions. My hypnosis has a traditional approach to it, and has a heavy emphasis on depth of trance and relaxation. I am a dominant  in my real life, and so that these qualities fit together well and made this a great career choice for me. I am dedicated to my work as a HypnoDom and my mp3s and services reflect that dedication. When you look through my mp3s you will find they are diverse in subject, and style. What you will find as a common link is that they all are superior production quality, and truly hypnotic. Enjoy your trance with Me and be sure to check back often for new releases. Pick your poison pets, and continue to serve Me!

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The Dentist

The mask being fitted over your nose and mouth. You hear a light hiss… sleepy, silly, sleepy…

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The Mystic

The fortune teller who wants to put you under hypnosis to tell you your future. She is so hypnotic and beautiful!

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Sissy Trance

You have secretly always wanted to see what it would be like to explore your girly side. Well that day has come, it’s time to pull on your pink panties, and prance on in front of that mirror and see how pretty you are.

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Stupid Zombie

Lets face it, you know you want to be hypnotized and made to feel like a silly, stupid, zombie… to be mindless, powerless, and to serve a strong, beautiful, woman like myself. Now is your chance, in this playfully humiliating hypnotic trance session. You will find yourself going very deep, and you will find yourself feeling completely like a dumb zombie who needs to be told what to think and do… no worries there.  

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Female Supremacy

You are now invited to join this new utopian world. As you learn more about it you will find yourself being reprogrammed to join the ranks of other men. That’s right this is a female run society. The women in your life decided it was time you were reprogrammed, that it was time to join. All men will be invited over time, every last one of you. Your invitation and training starts today. How is that done you ask? Well in many ways, one way is through deep relaxation, so that your mind is then ready for its reprogramming, how do you get to that state? Well I take care of all that for you, no worries! Some will be classic hypnotic techniques, and other things like a soft vapor filtered into a tightly packed space, and then your reprogramming starts.

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You visit Me at my cottage in the woods… one look in my blue eyes and you are caught up… caught in my spell. I take you deeply into trance using my seductive words, and my clever witchy mind. Before you realize what has happened to you, you are pledging to Me your love, and your life, your everything. No worries, its always lovely to serve the true Goddess. As I cast a real spell over you, one you wont soon forget… and a trance you might not remember but you also will never forget… how is this possible you might ask yourself? How have you been so fully enchanted so deeply by this smooth tongued witch… maybe it was her eyes… maybe it was the way she made your entire body relax so deeply… or maybe it was those strange words she spoke softly into my ear… all you know in the end is that there is no end to what you will now do for her… the Goddess… your Goddess Mistress Leslie Beware this is another highly addictive hypnosis session, full of deep hypnosis techniques, brain washing, count downs, body relaxation, and mind bending spell casting… it is not for the weak or faint at heart, in the end you may find out who you belong to! A long and lush, bewitching, hypnotic love spell session.

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Bikini Beach

Big bikini clad breasts swing back and forth back and forth lulling you into a very deep erotic trance… so big and powerful… such a skimpy bikini! The scent of suntan oil in the air… music playing lightly in the background… seagulls, the ocean… you have needed this vacation for a long time. Now you can be transported to the beach with Me… our little secret dirty get away… where I my body and mind know just how to take you to that oh so relaxed place… that place where anything is possible, where your everyday life slips into oblivion… only you and Me… and my bikini!

I use so many traditional hypnosis tricks in this jazzy full out sensory intoxicating trance session that you will be transported with Me onto a beautiful warm sultry beach, and you may just have sexual release, as you are triggered to orgasm… however the real release is all the tension of your typical life fades away, and a new promising one appears where you fall for Me, and we go on lots of future trips together! Pack your suntan oil, sunglasses, and your swim trunks, though clothing is optional! 

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Sleepy Place

If you let yourself go, if you drift off into sleep, that sleepy place. Even if you fall asleep, and you may, your mind will still take in what I am saying… that’s right don’t be surprised in this more then forty minute super relaxing but wickedly controlling session if you find yourself sleeping while my voice washes over your brain. This super sleepy trance session features strong addictive triggers, conditioning, brain washing, arousal associations, and a orgasm release trigger that will blow your now highly controlled mind. While the style can be so relaxing you may fall asleep it is no less potent for your now manipulated mind. Make sure you have a place that is safe and comfortable to listen to this session, and that you wait a time period after its use to operate a motor vehicle, and for God’s sake do NOT listen if you hope to have a normal dream state in the near future.

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